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Approaching Peak Clown World

Jaded as I am, this story is still a little startling for it’s sheer audacity. 

Remember when the government shut down the economy, plunging our country into economic chaos, and gave the actual American people a few thousand dollars for our trouble? But an illegal invader, breaking our laws who has never chipped in a nickel in taxes gets almost half a million bucks?
To be fair, I think the actual proposal is directed only at “separated families”, in other words “families” that chose to drag their kids on an extremely dangerous illegal crossing of the U.S. border and then when caught the American people were forced to foot the bill for feeding and housing these people. Since so many of them were not really “families” at all but human traffickers and there was no way to tell who was who, adults and kids were separated to keep the adults from molesting the kids. Because of those necessary actions, caused directly by the actions of these adults, the U.S. government is talking about spending a billion dollars to give criminals a reward for being criminals. 
This story is red-pilling gold. Share it with others, not my blog necessarily but at least Tucker’s video. It exposes the agenda like few things have done. This isn’t Covid where people at least have a semi-reasonable understanding of the measures. There is just no justification for paying people who broke our laws nearly half a million of your dollars.
Keeping pushing people to wake up, never let up, get yourself prepared. Not everyone is going to survive the end game of clown world.


  1. Anonymous

    from the remarks over heard in the local store, a whole lot of older people are fucking pissed at this
    shit. the guy I buy firewood from is 68 or so and in good shape. he tells me if he didn't sell wood
    he might have to give up his farm do to taxes. guess how he feels about this ? ssi doesn't cover shit
    and these clowns want to give away millions to illegals ?
    we really need to put a face and names to these assholes so we know who we should really take care of later. this is not going to end well for these clowns.

  2. Mike Austin

    A normal person can scarcely understand the nightmare that has overtaken his nation. He will conclude that the "elites" of America are crazy. But the reality is that, sure, they are crazy, but they are more than that: they hate. They hate you. They hate your life. They hate the very idea of this place called 'America'. If you could imagine that the so-called rulers of the US actually hate and despise this nation and wish it destroyed, it all makes sense. Everything then falls into place.

    There are yet those who still believe that elections, that laws, that common sense, can actually change things in this nation. They are dead wrong. The forces against us cannot be reasoned with. They are insensate, venomous, contagious. How does one deal with a rabid beast?

    "Para eliminar la rabia, hay que matar el perro." (To eliminate rabies, you have to kill the dog.)—Guatemalan axiom.

  3. Troy Lee Messer

    It is like we have gone from a Newtonian (A=A) world where quantum world where things are not what they seem.

    …There are yet those who still believe that elections, that laws, that common sense, can actually change things in this nation….

    I think most FUSA residents give little thought to be political participation. Most Americans, whatever that means anymore, have a historical abundance of entertainment. I mean Cmon, watching The Matrix or LOTR at home w/ a big screen and surround sound is pretty epic, or a Kindle with 1000 title, or your phone w/ 128 GB of .mp3s.
    So "Americans" have all this shit. Rome burning is just another comoddified infotainment product to sell to a generation of insatiable consumer.
    Until that addiction/OODA loop is interupted, nothing will change.
    IMHO, cloward-piven. Make fat people errrrr Americans…wonder when theyll eat again.

    If the Feds follow through on kicking out the various Federal Employees from Navy seals to TSA bums, I think that "getting off the porch" moment will be here. My money is the feds will blink, drawing out this agony.
    The next 60 days will be interesting.

  4. The Insurgent

    One thing for sure, once peak clown world is achieved, watch out! After that, it's all down the crapper. Just make sure you don't go with it.

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