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Another Take On Dune

Sorry for all of the Dune poasting but I always like to get his take when the Critical Drinker sees a flick. He really liked Dune which is rare for a contemporary flick and the consensus seems to be that Jason Momoa was awful and no one really like Zendaya. 

Like Big Country he saw it in IMAX so that makes a big difference apparently. I still won’t break my vow to not pay to see anything Hollywood produces but this one is a little tempting. 


  1. Robert Orians

    I'm with you . Not one dollar to the hollyweird machine . I'll get it on my plasma 70 with the wall shaking surround sound for free very soon . I can wait .

  2. E M Johnson

    I agree with your stance. fuck em. why traditional convservatives feed the enemy is a dissapointing topic. they are the beast and wan't you dead. don't kid yourself. yes its that big of a deal, stop being weak and paying for the destruction of your values. don't get mad at me or dismiss me as a loon. check yourself

  3. Arthur Sido

    Popular entertainment, especially sports, is the big wedge that keeps a lot of Normiecons from coming all the way over. They know what we are saying is true but they can't stop wearing the jersey of some black guy that wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.

  4. Arthur Sido

    It isn't that she is a terrible actress, it is more that there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to cast Liet-Kynes as a black woman other than as a finger poke in the eye of the fan base. None. You tell me they couldn't find a middle eastern or Greek male actor who would look and sound like him, so they went with a black woman?

  5. Troy Lee Messer

    ..stop being weak and paying for the destruction of your values….


    Neil Postman wrote a book called Amusing Ourselves To Death. He was right.

    Americans would let their children be raped live on TV, if you give them enough entertainment. Americans love their entertainment. It is pretty fucking disgusting. "Life-time free cable. Fuck yeah you can have my kids."

  6. James M Dakin

    Sorry for the late comment, I was just made aware of it today and watched it. The fan re-mix of the 1984 Dune really blew me away. Soooo much better than the original. The extra 45 minutes didn't even bore me, it made it much better. When I tried to re-watch the original last year I couldn't even get past the first twenty minutes. Try this one, instead of the new.

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