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A Record Breaking Year!

Chicago is really outdoing themselves in 2021 but don’t look for the media to mention this. From the good folks at HeyJackass:

Hitting the 700 mark a full two weeks faster than last year and we still have over two months remaining. 

Meanwhile the diverse residents of Chicago are rapidly closing in on 4000 people shot in the city this year alone. 

That pace is pretty torrid, someone is shot more frequently than once every other hour and they average more than two people murdered per day for an entire year.

Maybe some midnight basketball leagues will solve this problem?


  1. Anonymous

    Given the anger management issues of certain residents a nighttime basketball game is likely to end in a few more bodies.


  2. The Insurgent

    Another good reason to get your ass out of big cities as quickly as you can. On top of that, remember what Ol' Remus said, stay away from crowds!

  3. Arthur Sido

    The problem is they are terrible shots so over 3000 end up in the hospital with gun shot wounds that get taken care of on the taxpayer dime. We need mandatory marksmanship courses in urban schools.

  4. Anonymous

    18.2% is a pretty dismal yield. Less than one in five homeboys succumb to their injuries. What a shocking waste of lead. Aren't they even trying? Alec Baldwin managed a 50% yield with a single shot that he (presumably) did not even intend to unleash.

    More White privilege, I guess.

  5. Anonymous

    check out any icu in any big city and you will at least a couple of ex bangers stuck full of tubes.
    worked at hup back in the early 1990's and there was always a couple of them there sucking air and money out of the system. because they never have medical insurance. emts used to joke how they wanted a claw type of thing to scoop them up instead of lifting them off the street damn near every weekend.
    a lot came in as john does and right after they passed on, they where rushed up to or to strip mine
    them for transplants patients. of course this was done during 3rd shift when there where no a lot of
    people around to speak out about it. robbing the dead is a thing in big city hospitals that they never talk about.

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