Saturday, October 16, 2021

A Face Made For Radio!

Big Country Expat has him a Youtube channel, run, don't walk, over and subscribe to the channel post haste! We need more voices speaking the troof.


  1. watching this morning I thought it was rather well done. must needed giggles while waiting for my meds
    to kick in. he is imho a much needed voice in a rather stupid and insane world we find ourselves in.
    he is right you know, no one gets out alive and I have never gotten a post card from anyone that I knew who passed on. so, you might as well have a few laughs as we go.

  2. "A Face Made For Radio"... gee you say the sweetest things

    1. We are both in that auspicious category, there is a reason I use Alex as my avatar instead of a picture of me.

    2. Bigcountry - I think you look great. Subscribed.

  3. I have read Big Country's blog for awhile. But though I agree with much of what he writes, I cannot stand the cursing. Surely a grown man can speak English without sounding like a middle school boy. Surely? Using words such as "fuck" does not make you more grown up. It makes you smaller; it makes you childish. Why would I want such talk in my home? I thought our homes were to be a refuge from the world, a refuge from those who consider "fuck" to be a fine and useable word.