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A Bison Sighting!

Suddenly a wild Bison appears!

In which he takes aim at a topic fraught with peril, the wahmen and if they should fight come a-pack-of-lips time. Thought provoking as always, agree or not.


  1. Anonymous

    Interesting article.

    I think that part of it brings a point home that I have always considered obvious, yet nobody seems to see it. Maybe I'm just clueless.

    So much of the Democrat/Republican, leftist/rightist, liberal/conservative communist/capitalist conflict is just first world problems. All of our division and deep-seated animosity will evaporate when the question of "what's for lunch?" becomes a matter of life or death.

    Transgenders, alphabets, soys, feminists, journalists, accountants, lawyers, baristas, hairdressers and coders will all be sidelined (die). I think that shit will be sifted so that the break-out teams will be based upon ability, skin color, language, and whoever-is-left.

    At that point, whoever is the most efficient will be dominant. Violence, intelligence, knowledge, skills, will all take a back seat to whoever can get by the best on the least.

    We can argue all day about how the aforementioned traits will affect efficiency, but I think we can agree that an identity based upon anal sex or rejection of masculinity does not have a whole lot of survival value.

    And that means that most of what democrats/leftists/liberals/communists support or are, will just dry up and blow away shortly after they begin their orgasm of destruction. The people who remain will be getting busy relearning tradition, etc. as a simply survival necessity.

    In short, the future belongs to the past. Those who are closest to the past are the future. Everything else is just a fad.

    Unfortunately, this also means that preppers who are stocking up their 21st century lifestyle will have a short run, but will go the way of the fish-man-bicycle feminists. True survival will require the ability to maintain an 1865 era lifestyle.

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