Sunday, October 31, 2021

Major Trauma? You Gonna Die

This is a sobering video but one I think is important. We need to be realistic.

If things get really bad, and you get a serious injury, you are probably going to die. As he says, all that cool gear might keep you alive long enough to get back and say goodbye to your loved ones. 

Things aren't going to be sunshine and puppy dogs if it goes sideways. Little stuff you hardly think of now can be very serious, serious stuff will likely be fatal. Many of us will likely die not in a gun battle with Feds or feral urbanites, but from something dumb that can't be fixed.

Be sure you know what we are headed for, that is a big part of mentally preparing for what is coming.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Please Hold

The promised follow-up post is postponed due to very needy Amish people and also Arthur being unable to make his point in a brief post. Stay tuned. 

Friday, October 29, 2021

Approaching Peak Clown World

Jaded as I am, this story is still a little startling for it's sheer audacity. 

Remember when the government shut down the economy, plunging our country into economic chaos, and gave the actual American people a few thousand dollars for our trouble? But an illegal invader, breaking our laws who has never chipped in a nickel in taxes gets almost half a million bucks?

To be fair, I think the actual proposal is directed only at "separated families", in other words "families" that chose to drag their kids on an extremely dangerous illegal crossing of the U.S. border and then when caught the American people were forced to foot the bill for feeding and housing these people. Since so many of them were not really "families" at all but human traffickers and there was no way to tell who was who, adults and kids were separated to keep the adults from molesting the kids. Because of those necessary actions, caused directly by the actions of these adults, the U.S. government is talking about spending a billion dollars to give criminals a reward for being criminals. 

This story is red-pilling gold. Share it with others, not my blog necessarily but at least Tucker's video. It exposes the agenda like few things have done. This isn't Covid where people at least have a semi-reasonable understanding of the measures. There is just no justification for paying people who broke our laws nearly half a million of your dollars.

Keeping pushing people to wake up, never let up, get yourself prepared. Not everyone is going to survive the end game of clown world.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ho! Ho! Ruh Roh!

You should take anecdotal evidence with a hefty heaping of salt but still. 

Two of the wholesalers I have accounts with for "soft goods" like gear, clothing and accessories sent out emails about two hours apart today. Both warned of significant price increases coming down in the next couple of weeks. Both cited the supply chain disruptions. While prices continue to plummet from firearms wholesalers and availability is awesome, soft goods prices are headed up.

It is not a coincidence. Firearms are mostly made in the U.S. while the soft goods are almost exclusively made in Asia. The supply lines from Illinois, Wyoming, South Carolina, etc are fine and dandy for guns but apparently lots of tacticool gear is trapped on supply ships or hasn't even left the country of origin yet. 

That bodes ominously for the winter and accompanying "holiday" season. It is a solid bet that we will see popular items rapidly sold out and that will have a cascading effect on other items with panic buying setting in. I am already seeing staple items like, of course, toilet paper and bottled water with frequent outages and the word is that prices on those household staples are going to climb steadily. 

Winter is coming kids.

Prioritizing Mental Preparation

Piggybacking from my post yesterday, Forced Compliance, that looked at the zeal from the Left to do anything necessary to make you submit to their demands, no matter how unreasonable or ridiculous. They are quite willing, eager even, to employ any means they deem necessary up to and including driving you from the society your family built and that you help sustain and starving your kids.

An important side point is that they are relying on you taking whatever they dish out. Despite the bullshit rhetoric about "right-wing violent extremism", they are counting on White men to meekly accept whatever they push, and for good reason as that is precisely what we have been doing for decades. But not forever.

A common theme on this page is that pushing people into a corner, making them desperate and taking away the reasons they behave is a great way to get serious backlash. Yesterday a video was making the rounds of a subway in New York City and an African man punching a White woman right in the face. It was the kind of video that makes you want to say forbidden words. What was almost as bad as the brutal assault on a much smaller woman was the utter lack of reaction by anyone, especially this guy..

Already in this video, the African man is up in this White woman's face shouting at her and everyone ignored him. He punched the White woman and the guy just stood there with that stupid fucking look on his face. First, he should have interposed himself between this much larger man and the woman before she got hit and second after he punched her he should have beaten the hell out of the guy, or at least tried. He is a decent sized man, you would think he could toss a punch or three. A few decades ago you didn't hear about these sorts of assaults happening because blacks knew that White men wouldn't tolerate it. So what has changed?

For certain men are not as prone to and experienced in fighting. By the time I was in school fighting among male students was almost unheard of, while in earlier eras it was far more common. Most of us didn't even really know how to fight. That isn't all of it, I am much smaller than the African thug in the video and not a great fighter but I would have done something, even if I got my ass kicked.

What has mostly changed is that we are conditioned to passivity. Call 9/11 in case of trouble, get a mechanic to fix your car, watch TV and the internet. When something goes wrong, our Amish neighbors just get after it, even if they screw it up. English people don't. A few years ago we had a "Derecho" that caused a bunch of damage to houses around here. That same day Amish crews were fixing roofs while English people waited passively for weeks for the insurance adjuster to show up.  

A guy sees a woman punched and his instinctive reaction as a European man is buried under a lifetime of conditioning. Let the police handle it, someone else will deal with it, don't get involved, you might get in trouble. 

This is not accidental. Passivity has been intentionally ingrained in our men from an early age, from Dr. Spock teaching parents to withhold strict correction of children to public schools full of female teachers who are trained to see normal male traits as abnormal discipline problems to be stamped out and medicated. The mass media is just as bad, replacing men of heroism and action with men who lack moral grounding and courage. Apart from superhero movies of a few years back, how many films feature ideal White men who exemplify courage and initiative? 

It is because of this that I constantly talk about breaking the conditioning and hardening minds and hearts, as well as bodies. In the face of people willing to starve your family to force your compliance, your resolve must be absolute. I really liked this meme tweeted out by Fenix Ammunition

Along with this statement:

Leftists who say things like this should consider a deep dive into what Bosnia looked like between 1992-1995

They should understand what a man desperate to feed his family might be willing to do and how they might choose to do it to based on the events leading up to that desperate situation.

The percentage of people on the /otherside/ that can be reasoned with is shrinking very rapidly and soon will disappear entirely. Perhaps it is just my partisanship showing but that is the result of their choices and the manipulation of the elites, not because /ourside/ is somehow worse than we were 20 years ago. Most of the "extreme" positions and opinions I hold were very common just a few decades ago. 

When you can no longer reason with people and in fact find yourself in a place where your suffering brings them pleasure, it is inevitable that things will deteriorate. Like a man wandering into the desert, they have gone too far to come back. 

Start to make a mental list of things you think are currently off the table. Then start putting them back on the table on a contingent basis. Your enemy won't hesitate to do whatever it takes. If you hesitate? 

You die.

** EDIT ** I am getting a lot of pushback in calling out the cowardice of Captain Stand There in the video so I will flesh out my statements tomorrow in a separate post. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn't be able to stand mutely aside if a black guy hit a White woman. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Forced Compliance

This little meme of mine gets more and more accurate every day. 

It can be difficult to remember the Before Time when words like "pandemic" and "vaccine" had very different meanings. Or the early days when we naively believed that 15 days to flatten the curve might be the end of it. Oh how innocent we were back then!

Now as people realize that the "vaccine" doesn't stop you from getting or transmitting Covid and at best allegedly makes it less severe, having already discovered that the mandated masks don't do anything to stop the spread of the virus, it becomes rather confusing to the normie. Why all the rules and restrictions if they aren't working anyway?

There seems to be a subtle shift among the naturally compliant masses. More and more people are starting to speak up, often with bitter sarcasm, in response to the elite mandated "news" about the 'vid. They are starting to understand that the weird contradictions, like unvaccinated people are a threat to people who have been vaccinated without explaining what the point of the vaccine is if it doesn't actually protect you from the virus, are a sign that what they are being told bears little resemblance to the truth.

At the same time, the rhetoric from the Left is taking on more ominous tones. Gone is "wear a mask to protect grannie" and in its place we see "Wear a mask or starve to death". 

Loathsome Commie Noam Chomsky recently weighed in on this issue but can I just say at the outset that he isn't aging well....

Apparently he is running out of the blood of European virgins or whatever keeps people like him and George Soros alive.

Anyway the commie zombie says that the "unvaccinated" should be "isolated" from society:

During an interview with Kurt Gödel, Chomsky said that the topic of vaccine mandates is a “mixed story” that should strike a compromise between individual freedom and community safety, wherein the community forms a “social convention” that pushes the isolation of unvaccinated people:

People who refuse to accept vaccines, I think the right response for them is not to force them to, but rather to insist that they be isolated. If people decide, ‘I am willing to be a danger to the community by refusing to vaccinate,’ they should say then, ‘Well, I also have the decency to isolate myself. I don’t want a vaccine, but I don’t have the right to run around harming people.’ That should be a convention. Enforcing is a different question. It should be understood. And we should try to get it to be understood. If it really reaches the point where they are severely endangering people, then of course you have to do something about it.

I like the language of "refusing the vaccine" as if the default is getting it rather than it being a choice for someone to get the vaccine. I have never gotten the flu vaccine but no one framed it as "refusing" to get that shot. But it isn't just isolation he is after....

After the left-wing linguist was asked what separation of the unvaccinated would look like on a practical level, Chomsky said the unvaccinated should remove themselves from the community for the safety of others and make arrangements to get food without coming into contact with others.

"How can we get food to them?" Chomsky told YouTube's Primo Radical on Sunday. "Well, that's actually their problem."

How very Holodomor of him. If you deny someone the ability to buy groceries, you are no different from those who intentionally starved the Kulaks to death by the millions. 

The words might change but the nature of Communists never changes: they not only accept but seem eager to use terror to get their way. For many of the most ardent commies, it really seems to be less about the economic and political system and more about using their power to humiliate and harm other people. For them terror isn't a means to an end, it is the entire point.

Chomsky's comments drew applause from other wannabe commissars. 

Mehdi here comes from whatever Islamic shithole his family fled from and now feels qualified to lecture Americans. Fuck off Mehdi. More from this camel humping shithead. 

The coronavirus has killed a tiny fraction of the number of people killed by Communism so if anything keeping commies out of public places is a far more critical public health imperative, with the only exception being public places like the space immediately outside of the helicopter door and all the way to the ground. Gravity is one of the best cures for communism.

Mehdi Hasan isn't just some random crackpot but has mainstream media outlet and lots of social media followers.

Over a million followers for this dimwit. 

Keeping people from going to the movies or even flying on a plane is one thing but saying you won't be able to buy groceries for your children? That is a direct threat and is going to lead to lots of people with fake vaxx cards or angry confrontations at grocery stores, putting their employees in the awkward position of having to deal with someone who chooses to not get jabbed but selfishly still wants to feed their family. Think that isn't going to be an election year issue in 2022? 

Communists like Chomsky either want your slavish obedience or if you refuse they want to see you destitute and your children starving. That sort of depravity warrants the most strenuous of responses. 

Keep pushing.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Another Take On Dune

Sorry for all of the Dune poasting but I always like to get his take when the Critical Drinker sees a flick. He really liked Dune which is rare for a contemporary flick and the consensus seems to be that Jason Momoa was awful and no one really like Zendaya. 

Like Big Country he saw it in IMAX so that makes a big difference apparently. I still won't break my vow to not pay to see anything Hollywood produces but this one is a little tempting. 

A Record Breaking Year!

Chicago is really outdoing themselves in 2021 but don't look for the media to mention this. From the good folks at HeyJackass:

Hitting the 700 mark a full two weeks faster than last year and we still have over two months remaining. 

Meanwhile the diverse residents of Chicago are rapidly closing in on 4000 people shot in the city this year alone. 

That pace is pretty torrid, someone is shot more frequently than once every other hour and they average more than two people murdered per day for an entire year.

Maybe some midnight basketball leagues will solve this problem?

Sunday, October 24, 2021

A Different Take On Dune

While my review of the new Dune flick was less than glowing, Dune: Didn't Hate It, Big Country Expat watched it on IMAX and really enjoyed it: Color Me HIGHLY Impressed

I suspected that it suffered a lot by watching it on a computer screen, even a 32" curved HD monitor and BCE's review reinforces that thought. I still won't shell out even a buck to see it but if you are going to, IMAX sounds like it is worth the entra shekels. 

Something else he said, he has read the book and knows the plot line while when I watched it my wife didn't so I had to keep explaining what was going on. It definitely is a movie best enjoyed by people who know the story going in.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Kill What They Love And They Might Start Killing You Back

A reader recommended this video in response to my post How To Not Fight Fair, and I in turn recommend it to you, Vietnam vet Bill Ehrhart describing what it was like in Vietnam...

Some pretty eerie similarities, I wasn't there of course but it seems that the local response to our "liberation" of places like Iraq and Afghanistan wasn't all that enthusiastic despite promises that we would be hailed as liberators. 

It turns out that people value their way of life and culture over a foreign imposed "freedom". When you set out to destroy the way of life and culture of a people, it can cause them to react violently. There might be a lesson there for our overlords, if they weren't completely historically unaware and illiterate. 

Something else that was interesting that he said regarding figuring out which Vietnamese were friends or foes:

"The enemy was out there and we couldn't tell one from another.".

Our military hasn't performed that great when the enemy isn't obvious. Show us an enemy army in uniform, easily identifiable, and we will obliterate them. Even now with the woke military that is true. When the enemy looks the same as non-combatants or when people you normally think of as non-combatants suddenly start combat? Not so much, probably due in large measure to Americans being squeamish about collateral damage after 1945.

Our military today is still the by-product of the Cold War and the expectation of a major ground war being fought in Europe against the Soviets using conventional weapons and tactics: tanks, artillery, aircraft, ground pounders. Hell we still have an enormous carrier fleet that has more carriers than the rest of the world combined to project power on foreign destinations but who would we use those carriers against in a naval war? 

It is still not really designed for the sort of irregular warfare we keep getting into. If our forces struggled in Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq where the enemy at least looked different from our forces, what happens when the bad guys look like your dad or your uncle? When you are trying to figure out which suburban dad with the minivan sniped three of your guys last night but they all look the same and worse yet they all look like you? Yikes.

Unless they commit to levelling entire subdivisions, it might be pretty hard to root out the insurgents from the civilians. Then again they seem willing to use a "vaccine" to wipe out millions, so maybe carpet bombing a suburb is on the table.

What the video reminded me of is that the longer the Vietnam War dragged on, the more enemies among the Vietnamese it created. After 20 years of killing Taliban by the bushel, they seemed to have more guys when we pulled out than when we got there. Trying to stamp out a people by destroying their culture and way of life tends to spawn more and more people willing to shoot you to make you stop.

I wish that calmer heads would prevail and we could talk about how to go our separate ways before it goes kinetic. Most people on the "right" would be very open to this and more and more people on the "left" among the rank and file would be as well but the people who keep pushing this conflict? They don't want to avoid it, they want to accelerate it. If people with enough power and money want a fight, they will get it. That is where the Great War came from and the Second was more of the same.

Anyway, great video and thanks for the heads up.

When the regular guys who just want to go to the game and drink a couple with their buddies have everything taken away from them?

Always Check. Every. Single. Time.

I am kinda obsessive about checking a firearm when I pick it up to make sure it is unloaded. Generally I will check the chamber on a firearm when it is handed to me or I hand it to someone else, even when I literally just checked it a second earlier. It is just a habit I have gotten into as someone who has handled firearms all of my life and in several stages of my professional career been a seller of firearms. Some people think it is a little weird but I don't care.

So today I was stowing some gear and one of my handguns was in a case. Before I put it into the safe, I reflexively racked the slide even though I knew the gun was empty. 

Clink, a round was in the magazine and chambered.

Now because I am not Alec Baldwin, everything was fine. I was treating the gun as loaded, as always, had it pointed in a safe direction, as always, had my finger away from the trigger, as always. But the gun I knew was unloaded had a round in the magazine.

That is why we check every single time. Better to verify a gun you know is unloaded a hundred times than think that a gun is unloaded when it is not. Don't get sloppy or lazy, not ever.

Friday, October 22, 2021

A Bison Sighting!

Suddenly a wild Bison appears!

In which he takes aim at a topic fraught with peril, the wahmen and if they should fight come a-pack-of-lips time. Thought provoking as always, agree or not.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Welcome to Kinshasa, Pennsylvania

A news story that hit the airwaves and then rapidly disappeared down the memory hole (see: Rape On The Train) involves a woman being assaulted on a public transit train while bystanders apparently didn't do anything to help and instead made some home videos. 

More details have emerged and I couldn't be less shocked to find that the accused rapist is a fella named Fiston Ngoy and looks like this:

Not only that, he isn't a garden variety African living in America, he is a fresh off the boat African...

Well of course he is! 

Fiston apparently came here on a "student visa" because of course we need more scholars from the dumbest populations on earth to come to America and then invariably overstay their visa. We also know that he should have been deported already:

Tucker Carlson Tonight has confirmed that Fiston Ngoy, who was arrested last week for allegedly raping the woman in a brutal attack on a SEPTA train in front of other passengers, came to the U.S. legally in 2012 on a student visa.

However, the 35-year-old Congolese national's visa was terminated in 2015 because he failed to remain a student. 

Meanwhile, court records show that he racked up "multiple arrests and two misdemeanor convictions, one for controlled substances and one for sexual abuse." Ngoy pled guilty in 2017 in Washington D.C. to the sexual abuse misdemeanor and was sentenced to 120 days in prison and nine months probation.

He was put in immigration detention in Jan. 2018. However, he was never deported because he received a "withholding of removal" from an immigration judge in March 2019 after the Board of Immigration Appeals found that his misdemeanor sex offense was not a "serious crime" that would have made him ineligible for such a stay.

As a result, Ngoy was released and only had to report into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under an order of supervision (OSUP). The Department of Homeland Security says OSUPs involve conditions being placed on those who have been temporarily released from custody, typically involving regular check ins.

According to the same story, the assault lasted six minutes and bystanders took out their phones to record a man raping a woman. Think about that for a second. It also makes me wonder, a lot, about the race of the woman being raped and if no one intervened for that reason.

I am assuming he is from the DRC, the "Democratic" Republic Of Congo. Not the first time a Congolese has appeared on these pages, three years ago I wrote about the ungrateful bitch of an African named Therese Patricia Okoumou who climbed on the Statue Of Liberty to protest having a better life here or something: The Gratitude Is Heartwarming

As BCE and others have pointed out, the Congo is known for loving them some raping and they are bringing their love of murder, dismemberment and rape to the U.S. To reiterate, bringing third world savages to the civilized West doesn't civilize the savages, it just makes Western civilization more savage.

The capital city of the DRC is a festering wound on the banks of the Congo River called Kinshasa, a sprawling dump of some 15 million people. Go to Google maps and turn on satellite mode and look anywhere you like in Kinshasa. I picked two places at random but the whole place looks like this:

Shacks made of rusting metal, dirt yards and "roads", an utter shithole. There are a couple of small neighborhoods that look less shitty like where the embassies are located but otherwise anywhere you look is just like that. You can zoom in on most cities in Africa and see the same thing.

Lagos, Nigeria:

Mogadishu, Somalia

Harare, Zimbabwe

It is not just in Africa itself. You can look at Port-au-Prince in Haiti, not metal roofs because they don't have access to the metal sheeting but concrete, poorly made which is why so much collapsed during the earthquake. Everywhere with anything valuable has bars on the window, tall concrete walls topped by razor wire and broken glass and metal security gates.

Or even in the U.S. where Africans are concentrated, like Detroit.

Notice all the gaps with no houses, those are where abandoned homes were razed and nothing has replaced them because who in their right mind builds a house in Detroit?

These all have a common thread linking them together: a critical mass of Africans. 

I don't really blame the Africans for living like this, it is apparently the best they can do apart from intervention from White people. Left to their own devices, no matter the infrastructure they inherited, this is always the end result. Almost no people group on earth is capable of creating and then sustaining the sort of civil Western society we take for granted and this is particularly true for Africans. 

So it really isn't their fault. 

But it also isn't my fault. 

When the country my people built is flooded with people who have utterly failed to maintain the basics of civilization wherever they have the opportunity, it invariably turns the country we built into the same sort of place that they fled. We always are lectured about them coming here for a "better life" which they certainly have in America but no one seems to wonder about the lives of the people already here. It doesn't take much wondering, we know that the result is poorer, dirtier, more violent, less free than what we had in the past.

The near future of America is going to look a lot like the current state in Kinshasa and Lagos. You can't import the world without inheriting the world's problems. Most of these new "Americans" are going to end up in the big cities like Philadelphia, turning them into no-go zones.

Have I ever mentioned that you need to get away from those cities and suburbs?

These People Are Insane

The BBC ran a "documentary" on the Capitol "insurrection" of January 6th and boy howdy did they find some lunatics, especially the chick they quoted in this Daily Mail headline:

This is the chick in question, Leah Han...

And the Oscar goes to....

Here are the money quotes:

'I was thinking, "If they find us, are they going to keep us hostage? Are they going to torture us, am I going to get raped, am I going to get shot, do they have weapons?" 

'Then they started banging on our door, they just didn't get in. I still don't know how they didn't, maybe they just didn't think it was worth trying to open because it looks like nothing back there. 

'I thought I was going to die, I didn't think I was going to go home that day and I knew if I text my parents to tell them I love them I was going to cry and I just couldn't. I was not going to let myself cry. I figured if I'm going to die my parents will know I love them'. 

She looks like she could have use a decent rogering. 

Again, no one was in any danger other than the American citizen who was gunned down by a trigger happy black cop. 

Then there is this guy, "Officer Michael Fanone, of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia" who makes this claim:

Michael was brutally attacked during the protests after being dragged down the Capitol's marble stairs by rioters and beaten with pipes, tear-gassed and tasered at the base of the skull multiple times. 
'I remember kind of getting pounded from every side and I remember people yelling out to get his gun, kill him with his gun, and I started getting tasered at the base of my skull. It was excruciatingly painful.

I have yet to see any footage of this happening, unlike the shooting which is on film and yet has resulted in no charges being filed. All those people, all those cameras rolling, and yet....nothing. I am not saying Michael Fanone is lying but...actually scratch that. I am saying he was lying.

Then this from a Congressman...

As the mob encroached on the Senate chamber, Democrat Representative Ruben Gallego feared he would have to fight off the protesters himself.  

'People were hyperventilating,' he said. 'It was just bad, they were scared, they were really really scared.' 

'I was an inventory man in the United States Marine Core, I had to deal with some very aggressive crowds when I was in Iraq, individuals themselves aren't usually a problem. But when they get collectively together and create a mob, the mob is the weapon.

'I was ready to fight, I saw a lot of sh*t back in my day but I was not going to die on the floor on the f***ing floor of the house of representative. I was not going to get killed by some insurrectionist b*****. 

'My plan was to stab somebody in the eye and throat and take away their weapon and fight to survive.' 

Here is "inventory man" Gallego...

Yeah, he looks like a fierce warrior. He probably could single handedly have held off the "mob". What a clown. Do people in the military actually call themselves "inventory man"? I guess infantry call themselves "rifle shooting man".

Clearly some of these people, like Ms. Han, have been driven insane and really believe this bullshit. Other like Gallego know this is all bullshit and are just lying.

We are ten months removed from the January 6th "insurrection" and the media is still talking about it like it was 9/11 and happened yesterday.

Our entire ruling class is insane, without exception.

Insane. Insane and evil.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Dune: Didn't Hate It

The new Dune film comes out this week and my review can be best summed up as: I didn't hate it.

Honestly, given the general shit quality of films today that is pretty high praise. 

First the good. 

Timothée Chalamet is decent as Paul Atreides even though he is a bit too old for the part in his mid-20s. I liked Oscar Isaac as the Duke, and Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck was pretty good. Stellan Skarsgård is quite good as Baron Harkonnen and the make-up job they did on him was incredible and I assume will win awards. Some of the visual effects are quite impressive but I am sure on a big screen they would be even better. The Guild ships capture the immensity of them and the 'thopters are very well done. 

Basically it was a decent film for the run time of 2 hours, 35 minutes. They set up the next film well and it was a natural breaking point. 

The bad? 

Well there was lots of that, and much of it was casting. I can't stand that Zendaya chick. She has a perpetually arrogant look on her face for someone that young and unaccomplished and she looks nothing like Chani is described in the books. Jason Momoa is not great as Duncan Idaho, he was chosen for name recognition. Same with Dave Bautista, best known as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, he is just awful as Beast Rabban, I mean really terrible. The black chick playing Liet Kynes, a man in the books, is useless and adds nothing but some diversity flava flava to the movie. 

The movie necessarily I guess skips a ton of backstory. My wife hasn't read the book and she was very confused. She mentioned specifically Duncan Idaho and what his relationship was to the Atreides family. Why was the betrayal of Dr. Yueh so important? Who were these great houses and why did they hate each other? The amount of information left out is enormous and leaves the viewer wondering what is going on unless you are deeply steeped in Dune lore already. They are cramming way too much into two movies and in doing so are losing the enormity and complexity of the Dune universe which is what makes the book so great.

Some other stuff was left out for political correctness. In Dune the term jihad is used frequently, 36 times according to my Kindle search but they use a more generic term to avoid upsetting the haji. Also a major omission. In the book Baron Harkonnen is described as homosexual who prefers young boys and likes them drugged up so they don't struggle. The obvious point is to emphasize what an evil, degenerate the Baron is. No mention of that in the movie for the obvious reason that a bad guy can never be a homo in current day.

So lots that was bad but it wasn't the worst movie ever. I might even watch it again. But for a movie with a reported budget of at least $165 million bucks? "Not awful" isn't much praise for what they spent.

Say It With Me

I don't need another rifle. I don't need another rifle. But I already want one.

Beretta makes some of the finest shotguns in the world. They also make some of the best handguns in the world, in my humble opinion. There is a super ugly Beretta modern sporting rifle. They even make some priced out of my reach double rifles in big game calibers. But not a regular bolt action hunting rifle. Yes, Beretta owns Sako and Tikka, and Tikka rifles are awesome, but not with the Beretta name on them. 

Price point is likely to be obscene for this bad boy, so unless firearms sales really pick up it isn't in the cards for now but man I would love to have one.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

How To Not Fight Fair

Piggybacking off of my post What Does Fair Have To Do With Anything?, I was thinking more about the concept of fighting fair and how it applies in the real world. More specifically how it applies to us and how we think about fighting in our own country when the bulk of the most powerful forces are lined up against us. As a reminder, I am not a military tactician or historian. Also I am not recommending or advocating any actions as a result of this post. This is strictly for entertainment purposes.

Since the current occupant of the White House has suggested that patriots consider arming themselves with F-15s and nukes, and also that my FFL handbook from the ATF seems to indicate that those are not actually items I can sell, the question is what chance does a ragtag group of ten million civilians have against the wokest military ever? Actually not that bad, there are lots of examples of over-matched groups beating (on paper) superior forces in history, in what is called Asymmetric Warfare.

The best domestic example of Asymmetric warfare, where there is a significant difference in the relative military power of two belligerents, is the long war of conquest that we used to call the Indian wars. For centuries, from the first settlement in North America in 1609 until the final resistance was defeated in 1924, Europeans pushed across the North American continent from the East Coast and spreading West. Along the way, we met varying degrees of resistance from the various Indian tribes and nations.

On paper it shouldn't have been much of a fight. The Europeans had professional soldiers with firearms, steel swords and cannon. Wars in Europe were fought with large groups lined up against one another in staggered rows so the front row could shoot while the rear row could reload their muskets. Sheer firepower was the name of the game. In a European style battle the Indians would be slaughtered. That isn't how the Indians fought. 

The Indians weren't playing that way. They didn't generally get into pitched battles and then didn't lay siege to the European forts. They attacked wagon trains, led the White men into ambushes, went after lightly defended homesteads. Their lack of sophisticated weaponry meant they could travel lightly. While I am not sure how historically accurate it is, I always appreciated the scene in Last Of The Mohicans where the British were ambushed in the forest and especially this part: 

They knew the British would line up to shoot on command, so they ducked out of the way and then charged while they reloaded. They weren't idiots, you don't have a good day lining up and letting the other guy shoot at you so you wait until they fire and then attack.

Of course the end result was that the Indians lost, were conquered and relegated to reservations where they run casinos and drink themselves to death. But for hundreds of years they terrorized the settlers mainly by refusing to get sucked into pitched battle and instead selecting softer targets: homesteads, wagon trains and the like. A book I just started about General "Mad Anthony" Wayne, namesake of my high school, recounts the fate of women and children who accompanied an American army into a slaughter near the site of Kekionga, what is known today as Fort Wayne, Indiana. As the American soldiers fled, they left behind these camp followers to a horrific fate:

He could not forget the dozens, maybe even hundreds, of women and children left mangled and dead on the battlefield. They were the wives and mistresses of the soldiers along with their sons and daughters. Some were even prostitutes. They had followed their men into the wilderness and had been cut down without mercy by the Indians. A few had been carried off, but most had been hacked to pieces with the limbs and breasts of the women cut off and the brains of the children dashed against the trees.

Stockwell, Mary. Unlikely General (p. 13). Yale University Press. Kindle Edition. 

The Americans were attacked when least prepared, the day before they intended to engage the enemy and had failed to dig in before settling in for the night, negating their advantages.

The Declaration Of Independence even specifically mentions this as one of the many outrages perpetrated against the colonies:

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

The lesson?

Don't fight your enemy where he is strongest.

Another example, The Troubles, the decades long war between the IRA and the British government. The IRA were deeply embedded in the civilian, non-combatant population of Northern Ireland. While the British had tanks and jets and artillery, they really couldn't simply level entire city blocks full of subjects of the Crown. The IRA tried to pick and choose places to strike and then faded away into the civilian population, a population that might not have always been on their side but hated the British and also were scared to rat on the IRA for fear of retaliation. 

The Trouble took thousands of lives, almost 400 from various IRA factions and over 1,000 from the British military plus over 100 Ulster loyalists. Thousands of civilians also were killed and tens of thousands wounded. But still the IRA ended up with a nearly 3-1 advantage in combatant deaths by picking their battles and choosing soft targets. One of the most famous incidents came on August 27th, 1979 when the IRA bombed the boat of Lord Mountbatten, killing him, two teen-aged boys and an elderly lady. I was only 7 but I remember the news about this. The same day the IRA ambushed and killed 18 British soldiers with two roadside bombs.

What is especially interesting about this bombing was the planning. The initial blast only killed two British soldiers but the IRA had been studying the British response and planted a second bomb where they believed the British would set up to respond to the bombing. They were correct and the second bomb killed a dozen more, making it twice as deadly as the initial bomb. By the 1990s the IRA was employing sniper teams using .50 caliber Barrett rifles to shoot British soldiers and had started to shoot down British helicopters. I wonder how many Barrett .50 caliber rifles are in civilian hands in the U.S.?

The IRA didn't get together in a big group and march into a field to take on British tanks and helicopters but they killed a bunch of them anyway. More about "The Troubles" to come as I think it is the best parallel to what the most likely next stage in our Cold Civil War looks like. 

The lesson?

Study your enemy, especially his behavior and tactics. 

The IRA and the Indians both more or less lost. The Indians are basically casino owners and sports mascots and Northern Ireland is still part of the U.K., but how about people who didn't fight fair and won?

Nothing in modern American history, during my lifetime, is more seared into our national memory than Vietnam. Korea was a weird stalemate of sorts but Vietnam was an unequivocal disaster. It happened concurrently with the widespread rebellion against the ease and comfort won for Americans courtesy of our emergence from World War II as the leader of the free world, largely untouched by the war. It also was the first war regularly beamed into American homes on the TV. The imagery of war turned the American people against the war and it ended with first the American forces withdrawing in defeat and then shortly after the South Vietnamese regime collapsing and the remaining American forced to flee.

The North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong were hardly a professional, well equipped military force. But again they simply wore down their enemy and fought whenever possible on their terms. The other big problem? They were often hidden in plain sight. That was a serious problem in Vietnam but imagine it in the U.S. where the "enemy" would look just like you and share your nationality and race in many cases. Add in that the U.S. military is mostly filled with soft targets. There aren't many officers who don't have extended family throughout the country and they can't all live on base.

The lesson?

It is harder for them to shoot you if they don't know who to shoot.

The example most of us know about because it is the most recent is the debacle in Afghanistan. 

After the 9/11 attacks, whoever was behind them, a narrative was quickly agreed upon by all the major institutions, perhaps because it had been predetermined: Al Qaeda under the direction of Osama bin Laden from a base in Afghanistan had carried out the hijackings. Justice demanded we kick down the door and smite al Qaeda. What happened instead was a 20 year war between the U.S. and our allies plus the ridiculous Afghan security forces versus the Taliban and other various Islamic groups. 

Thousands dead, tens of thousands wounded, trillions wasted and now Afghanistan is right back where it was on September 10, 2001: under the control of the Taliban and the most radical Muslims in the world. 

The war seemed lopsided on paper. The most technologically advanced military the world has ever seen with limitless resources versus a bunch of goat herders using weapons they had scavenged from the Soviets decades earlier. The Taliban had no tanks or armored vehicles, no jets or helicopters, no artillery or drones. 

How did the Taliban win? By outlasting us. They knew that sooner or later the Americans would grow weary of the war, tired of the casualties and the cost. They seemed to avoid pitched battles, not running into the teeth of the American military where they would be slaughtered and instead focused on guerilla warfare. They absolutely believed in their cause and the Americans simply didn't match their zealotry. Patience is a powerful weapon and losing your patience can leave you in a dangerous spot. 

The end result was what we saw earlier this year, the vaunted U.S. military leaving and the Afghan security forces we spent untold billions equipping and training surrendering and evaporating without a fight. The country collapsed with breathtaking speed. If anything the Taliban are in a better position now than when we first dropped in to say hi right after the 9/11 attacks.

The lesson?

Patience, commitment and attrition can defeat a more powerful adversary

These are just a few examples of how to fight against a foe that on paper is far more powerful than you are. Despite the violence porn rhetoric from many of our elites who are salivating at the idea of using drones and smart bombs to smite Trump voters and the unvaccinated, reality is far different.

One overriding theme of all of these historical events is that it never makes sense to fight your enemy on his terms and where he is strongest. That is a lesson that we need to learn in our Cold Civil War and you need only look at something like the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville as a foolish move into a place where the enemy was far too strong and the results were exactly what one should have expected.

The other is that you most likely will never win if you fight your enemy based on the rules he has established. The Indians didn't line up like gentlemen and exchange musket volleys. The IRA didn't march in lockstep in the streets of Belfast to engage the British forces. The Viet Kong stayed in the jungles where the U.S couldn't effectively deploy tanks against them. The Taliban avoided pitched battles where the American tech superiority would lead to slaughter. 

Certainly I am not recommending any actual actions with this intellectual exercise. Just giving you food for thought. 

As someone who has never been in a war I can nonetheless say that by looking at relatively recent history it becomes apparent that winning a war is not just a matter of having more men and bigger guns. 

Still A Favorite

From former MLB player Aubrey Huff, always a great middle round pick-up in fantasy baseball.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Put Them To The Sword

News broke over the weekend that 17 missionaries (all Americans other than a Canadian), had been abducted in Haiti. It caught my attention for two reasons, one I have been to Haiti and two the mission group is with CAM, Christian Aid Ministries, an outfit that is mostly Amish and Mennonite run. Local Amish ladies sew baby blankets and put together kits to be distributed in places like Haiti. 

It is a bad situation. The kidnappers are part of some professional kidnapping outfit called "400 Mawozo" and has kidnapped protests and nuns before and demanded a million bucks per person. A a consultant named Timothy Schwartz is quoted in the linked article as asking in essence: what the fuck were a bunch of Americans with kids doing in Port au Prince?

He went on to question why the missionaries were in the area of Port-au-Prince in the first place, noting that the State Department has issued a level-4 "Do Not Travel" advisory for Haiti. 

The part of the city where they were abducted "is a no-go zone these days," he said.

A good question indeed. It sounds like they were nabbed on one of their buses. I have been on those busses and the roads in Port au Prince are a nightmare, often with no discernable traffic patterns, vehicles going either direction in multiple lanes, motorbikes scooting between the vehicles. No traffic lights or road signs to speak of, it is just chaos. You would be easy prey and the busses missionaries ride around in and the presence of White people marks you as easy targets. 

Hopefully they are released quickly and unharmed but it makes me pretty angry. Haitians are not all that particular about who they screw, and little details like consent and age don't mean much. When I was down there a young girl of maybe 13 who was an orphan was in the orphanage with a baby of her own, the result of being raped in the tent city that sprang up after the earthquake. 

I do have to wonder. Don't we have people we train specifically for these tasks? It seems like a great opportunity to go Chuck Norris on this group....

...and send in Delta Force and SEAL Team Six. Delta is in Fort Bragg, NC and SEAL Team Six is in Virginia Beach, so both groups are just a short flight from Haiti. Given how many Americans do mission and aid work down there, it would seem that this would be a great time to find these knuckleheads, and someone would tell us where they are for a chicken and Snickers bar, drop in on them and put everyone involved to the sword. Bonus points for putting their heads on spikes as a warning. 

We won't of course, we will just keep dumping huge amounts of money into training our special ops guys to do exactly this sort of thing and then not using them. The reasons are myriad but you can be sure that one reason, unspoken but real, is that sending in a bunch of special forces guys to kill blacks in Haiti to rescue White Christians is bad optics. 

I am starting to think that sending a few flights of B-52s from Barksdale to pound the entire country of Haiti flat would be an enormous cost savings in the long run. That place is irredeemable and it is likely that a bunch of nice American Christians are about to pony up millions of dollars to give to some sub-80 IQ Haitians gangsters to rescue 17 missionaries that never should have been there in the first place. Heads on spikes and some free training for Delta seems like a better deal.

Ruh Roh

John Wilder's site is (hopefully temporarily) down....tried two different browsers....

** Update **

If you remove the "s" from the "https://" and just use "http://" it works but you can't navigate by links without manually removing the "s" from the url. 

In other words, the site is still there, just not easy to reach.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Zany Adventures Of Ja'Frodo and Samquandrillo

It just never stops...

Expect some trannies or at least some faggy elves or plus Strong Diverse Female Warriors that slaughter males twice their size. What exactly does one call a black Hobbit? I think I settled on Noggit. Better start locking the doors in Hobbiton, things are about to get freaky.

There isn't necessarily anything that would preclude there being Noggits in Middle Earth. Sure it was written from a Eurocentric point of view, with the "South" being full of exotic and often dangerous people like the Haradrim who ride "Oliphaunts" and sound very much like Indian or Arab people as Tolkien would have known them. And the Shire itself is clearly an idealized version of the rural English countryside. I can't imagine Tolkien envisioning Hobbits as anything but short Europeans, the idea of having them be black for purposes of "representation" would have been baffling to him. It simply is unnecessary, obvious and juvenile. 

An unpopular opinion I hold is that Tolkien was a much better world builder than story teller. The world he created that you only see small pieces of in the LOTR movies and books is part of an enormous world. The guy created freaking languages for crying out loud. His world is so complex that even as someone who has read his main books repeatedly, I still only have scratched the surface.

Now imagine a team of the best African writers you could assemble. Give them all the resources they need to create full time and give them a decade to do it. Would they be able to build a world like Middle Earth?

Come on.

Just clumsy imitation and no one who is a fan of Tolkien's work will watch, leaving us with yet another visually appealing spectacle that lacks even a smidgen of substance.

Don't Get Shot By Some Soccer Mom

For those who refuse to get clear of the red zones, this is a decent video on OPSEC for your preps if you live in an urban or suburban area. 

A lot of stuff I have said before, most notably that the meek, soft looking neighbor can be just as lethal as a trained special forces operator if that neighbor shoots you in the back to get your stuff. I suspect most White suburban dads have at least a pistol or shotgun in the house. Desperate people will do desperate things and nothing makes a man more desperate than needing to provide for his family in difficult times. And don't discount that when people slip the leash of civilized order, many will revert to the darkest aspects of humanity. Don't expect the same level of civilized behavior with the law and social pressure to keep people in line. In times of famine, cannibalism is common so don't look like an easy meal.

The big flaw in this video is that no matter how much you do to hide your preps, the desperate are going to figure it out sooner or later and it will be a lot sooner the more people are around you. That is why you need to be as far away as possible. Sure my neighbors know I have guns, I am a Federal firearms licensed dealer after all, but so do they and most of them also have at least some level of preparedness. Having a generator and stocking up on food is just common sense when you live in the country. In the city, it can mark you as a weirdo. Still most of the advice is pretty sound. Even out in the country, as a commenter pointed out recently, there can be some sketchy people. Just being country folk doesn't mean being someone who can be trusted. 

Know your neighbors, know your area of operation and figure out now who is more trustworthy and who is not. Have a plan for people everywhere on the spectrum. Some of those plans might be more proactive than others...

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Your Two-Part Mission For Right Now

By now most of us, a small but sturdy band of chaps and chappettes, get that we are in the end stages. The pieces are still in motion but the intermediate future is kind of set. The combination of economic calamity barely held back, social strife, increasing lawlessness, lack of public trust, violent rhetoric and hatred of one another on either side of the political divide and an absolute lack of any leadership is pointing toward something happening in the near future. Maybe it will be localized chaos or widespread chaos, civil war or a gradual practical dissolution. Whatever it looks like, those who see it coming are preparing for it and lots of people on /ourside/ are offering their advice.

If I was creating a checklist for someone when it comes to being prepared for what is looming on the very near horizon, it would have things like getting in shape, hardening your heart and mind, gearing up with firearms and ammo, making sure you have a plan for when the lights go out and the food supply dries up. Those are all things I have talked about as have many others. But my top two wouldn't be any of those things.

The top two imperatives right now are what I have been saying for a long time.

One and most important, get out of population centers. That especially means cities but it also means densely populated suburbs. In the suburbs we have lived in it has been generally true that you don't know your neighbors that well and they don't know you. But even a relative stranger can probably figure out the prepper guy and if shit hits the fan, unscrupulous and unprepared people are going to seek out the people who did prepare. You might not be defending yourself against hordes of feral urbanites but you might get a bullet in the back from your friendly neighbor who keeps his lawn so tidy. 

Even more so, most suburbs are in easy commuting distance from the cities. That is kind of the point. The suburbs are going to be target rich environments for looters and urbanites seeking violence and mayhem. For example, one of the wealthiest suburbs in America is the D.C. suburb of  Alexandria, Virginia, specifically "Old Town", where many of the court mandarins of the American Coruscant reside. 

95% White with a high six figure mean income you say? Well that sounds pretty safe. Not so fast. Alexandria as a whole is around 60% White and over 21% black. I have a sibling who has lived in that area for a number of years and we have visited a few times, although not lately. I remember one place she lived, a very nice corner house at the intersection of two streets full of trees and expensive homes that were almost entirely owned by Whites. I also remember her buying a nice set of patio furniture for her front porch that was stolen almost immediately and also one day when a couple of nice young African boys, the oldest maybe 12 or 13 walked down her street. Someone a few houses away was having a party later and had a balloon tied to their mailbox so the older African boy pulled out a knife and popped the balloon. He saw that I was looking at him and shouted something at me to the effect of "Say something mother fucker". Very charming. 

Alexandria is so very expensive because it is so very convenient to D.C.

Right across the Potomac with multiple bridges connecting Alexandria to D.C. as well as the Metro lines. That is great for work but what if things go sideways? The bridges go both ways and despite "gentrification", a fancy word for White people moving into once black neighborhoods and making them less shitty places to live, D.C. is still more than 50% black. Many of the Maryland suburbs across the river are overwhelmingly black, like Hillcrest Heights (93%) and Temple Hills (85%) and those areas are an easy drive or even walking distance to Old Town. When the dollar stores and liquor markets are empty, they are going to start thinking about doing some luxury shopping.

Just moving out of the city isn't quite enough although it is a good start, you need to get as far as away as possible. 

That brings me to the other point: getting free of the globohomo economic system that creates a prison with bars made of health insurance, steady paychecks and 401k plans.

The two most common objections to bugging out right now, like today are both challenging. One is family obligations, an elderly parent to care for or children in school. I get that and it is a tough call. You have an obligation to family of course, the best you can do in those circumstances is have the best plan you can to extricate yourself and the person/persons you are caring for. That can obviously have lots of challenges, it is tough enough to get an able bodied individual clear of a disaster but if you have either young children or elderly parents, or someone who is otherwise incapacitated, then it makes it a lot harder especially if they don't live with you. I guess the thing that would be most critical would be to have their buy-in if things go bad, an agreement that if you say "time to go" that they go. No questions, no arguments. 

The other is job related. What we do for a living is a very important part of our identity. One of the most common small talk openers is "So what do you do?". It creates an opening for conversation, and it helps establish any common ground. It also creates a power dynamic. If you ask someone you don't know "So what do you do?" and they say "I am a surgeon", for most people that puts you at a power deficit but if they say "I am a middle school custodian", then most people see a power advantage. If you never have done so, try going to a Wal-Mart in a business suit and tie and see how deferential people are to you. People respect people with prestigious jobs. 

Anyway, changing jobs is pretty common as is moving for a better position but usually that involves moving from one blast zone next to an urban area to a different one. Maybe slightly better but still a red zone for danger. What I am talking about when I say bug out right now is moving somewhere outside of the obvious looting and pillaging zones. I see the chaos scenario starting out with lots of bad things happening to suburbanites who will be helpless. At first. At some point the men are going to stop worrying about getting into trouble and start shooting anyone they don't recognize on sight. I am counting on those suburban types to serve a useful purpose at last.

25 years ago moving to the middle of nowhere would be career suicide unless you could come up with some very specific niche business but now many jobs can be done from just about anywhere. We have lived way out in the country for over 10 years and have had high speed internet for most of that time, with it becoming faster and way more reliable the last 5 years. You can do many professional jobs from the country and if not, you can learn a skill that is in demand pretty quickly.

It can be jarring. When we moved here I was working for a big financial services firm with a great salary dropped by direct deposit into my account every two weeks, great insurance and retirement plans. I couldn't imagine that ten years later I would be making a living by a couple of small businesses, making less per month but living much better than before. I did it, you can do it. I found something I was good at and better than anyone else doing the same thing around here and turned it into a pretty lucrative business that I can do locally and that provides the flexibility that I need. 

You can do it too and if you believe what you say you believe, you have to because this ship isn't going to right itself. 

We have been in a war that most of us didn't realize for my entire life and now we are at the end stages. It is game over. We lost. Our mission now is to avoid the rampaging victors and regroup to fight another day.

This post is not intended for those who have already taken these two steps but for those who are on the fence about it. At this point there are very few people who haven't either figured it out or are stubbornly refusing to see what is before their eyes. To me, there are simply a lot of people you can't save. I saw this on Faceberg the other day and it rings true. 

Many of those people who still cling to their retirement plan and their sportsball aren't going to make it but that doesn't mean they aren't useful. They are. They will be meat-shields for the rest of us. They are going to be the easy prey for the feral urbanites and the wannabe Bolsheviks and with luck they will wipe each other out before they become a problem for us.

That sounds cruel and callous but we aren't in a world of rainbows and unicorns anymore. I will keep sounding the alarm but with little expectation of seeing anyone waking up. When it comes down to it, better them or really anyone else, rather than me and mine. 

We can't save everyone. We can't save most of them. We can only avoid getting dragged down with them. 

You have been given a precious gift of time. How you use that time right now will determine how long you last in the dark days to come.