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Welcome To The Dictatorship!

Very important video….

The money quote:
Democracies are always de facto dictatorships for minorities.
The relative stability and prosperity of South Africa, at least as compared to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, is entirely due to the small White minority holding a tight grip over the nation. Absent that? The chaos and failure we see unfolding right now, a collapse that is hidden from our view. The White minority is too small to keep things under control absent an authoritarian system and the results are predictable.
In America as Whites become a minority? The same will happen only with far more disastrous results for not only the North American continent but the world. The collapse of South Africa mostly effects South Africa and South Africans. The collapse of America will leave a power void that nations like China and Russia will exploit, and are indeed preparing to do so already.
The alien, globalist elites in the West will bleed the U.S., Canada and Western Europe dry and then seek greener pastures elsewhere leaving economic devastation and human suffering in their wake.
Unless of course something happens to them first….


  1. Eaton Rapids Joe

    "The alien, globalist elites in the West will bleed the U.S., Canada and Western Europe dry and then seek greener pastures elsewhere…"

    I am not arguing with you, but for the life of me I cannot think of a greener pasture elsewhere should the U.S., Canada and Western Europe tank.

    Oz and N.Z. lost much of their appeal and they are VERY close to Communist China. Fiji sounds like a dream until everything else goes in the ditch and the natives become resentful of the uber-rich in their midst.

    Suppose you had $50B and needed a hidey-hole. Where would you go? Serious question.

    Perhaps the Elite have not thought this through, but there is no life-boat if they continue to drill holes in the bottom of the ship.

  2. Anonymous

    well, they think they are special. what most of them fail to realize is once the balloon goes up,
    their "guards" will be in charge of them. as that how these things tend to sort themselves out.
    the bodyguards keep them alive for now, but at what cost ? what are they willing to do to keep them
    "working for them " so to speak. most of the clowns if they lucky will get shot outright and not
    given away as toys. I really doubt many of them have bodyguards they can really trust.
    money only goes so far that way,,,

  3. Anonymous

    There IS nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The elites have painted themselves into a corner, and I can't believe that this was the intention. Even if I had that kind of money, I would HATE living behind walls, being guarded 24/7 by elements that I hope remain loyal to me. If the global economy flatlines, guess what, Soros? Gates? Bezos? Biden? You just become one of us. One more miserable, panic-stricken nobody, struggling to live another day. That sight might satisfy my lust for vengeance, but when they lose, we all lose.

    Damn it. We made it this far, my wife and me, our children. Worked our butts raw to go as far in life as we have. Does it end like this, with jackbooted quasi-governmental thugs patrolling the streets, searching for the non-compliant? And an eventual free-for-all, pitting the citizenry against one another – father against son, brother against brother?

    NEVER thought this could happen here. The almighty Unites States of America, brought to its knees by a thousand tiny cuts, inflicted by a relentless army of lilliputian perverts.

  4. TheObsoleteMan

    The PTB knew SA would collapse eventually, this was one of the reasons the transfer of power in 1994 was done, and the loans were made {that they knew where never going to be paid back, so they could justify stealing the wealth of the nation}. The elites want SA for the same reasons they always have: metal and mineral resources. Productive farm land. Order out of chaos is their modus operandi.

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