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Welcome Back To The 19th Century

From the New York Post:

That is all of 14 years from now. What kind of an imbecile does this when the developing world and our largest economic rival in China won’t do the same? NY is about to get all Amish on us.


  1. Anonymous

    Leaving this loony bin of a state in just 3 weeks. And not a moment too soon. Gonna miss the beaches something awful, but the potholes and the politicians can all cave in on themselves for all I care.


  2. jl

    They're doing the same moronic crap out here in CA. They want to bring in millions on new electric vehicles, but they're already telling us to reduce our energy consumption between 4pm -9pm to avoid outages, and banning natural gas in all new construction, meaning all electric homes… I feel like we're living in MAD Magazine come to life.

  3. Demented guy

    Soon only the rich will be allowed or be able to afford to drive. The poor will live in ghetto high rises all equipped with a micky dees and a starbucks. Can't live out un the woods if you can't get to town.

  4. Mike Austin

    Here in Oklahoma we consider New York to be full of fools, weirdoes, natural slaves and the obviously insane. If that miserable urban nightmare suddenly disappeared few here would care. It would, however, be an amusing story.

  5. George True

    The state level ruling classes that are passing these kinds of 'laws' have been sniffing their own farts too long. Along about 2032 or 2033 they will suddenly wake up and realize several things.

    First, electric vehicles will at that time still be only about 2-5% of vehicle sales. Second, the recharging infrastructure just for those cars still will not exist. Third, even if it did, the excess electrical generating capacity still will not exist.

    And if they go ahead with the ICE ban, they will quickly realize that their subjects en masse are having relatives and friends in other states obtain internal combustion vehicles for them. And if they try to crack down on that, they may find themselves personally facing Rule 308. They may also find that virtually 100% of their electorate has turned against them for needlessly destroying the economy in New York. At that time, even respectable business owners may start showing up at their door to introduce them to Mr Rope and Mrs Lamppost.

  6. Arthur Sido

    It only applies to new cars, so I see a booming business of people buying new cars in Ohio, driving them around the block and then selling them in New York state at a huge mark-up as a "used" car.

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