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This Seems Backwards

Sort of the medical equivalent of “we need to pass the bill to figure out what is in the bill”. 
Lack of efficacy aside, getting the jab is nothing more than injecting an unproven, untested drug into your body that hasn’t been really tested and that no one knows the long term impact of getting.
What a great deal!
We might be about to see the Thanos finger-snap wiping out half of the people in the universe happening in real time.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    If that finger-snap happens, I won't be doing any happy-dances or victory laps. Not only because my wife and most everyone else I know has taken the Jab, but … I like to think I'm a little better person than the ones who gleefully dunked on Joe Rogan when he got the wu-flu, and publicly wished for his death. (Sorry, boys and girls, he seems to have recovered in a quick day or two.)

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