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They Aren’t Just Insane. They Hate Your Guts And Want You Dead.

This recent clip from Tucker is a chilling insight to share with those who don’t already realize just how much our rulers hate you and want you hurt and/or dead.

What lovely people! The thing that really jumped out at me was the zoom call with that nasty harpy Cindy Axne.

20 Democrats are on the screen and 19 are women. Fully half of them are older White women with awful haircuts who apparently are bitter at how their lives have turned out and have vowed to seek vengeance on the normal people of the country. Our country is ruled by old White women who in better times would have been relegated to being a librarian or a clerk at the phone company. White men have let these women get like this.
They don’t care that the policies they are pushing hurt people and are bad for the country. All they care about, all that drives them, is that they hate you and wish you dead. If that means the whole of our civilization must lie in ruins, a burning heap of rubble? So be it. Their hatred knows no boundaries. It has no sense of balance or proportion. It is blind and it is white hot. 
Your zeal must match theirs or you will perish. They hate you? Hate them back. 


  1. Annie Oakley

    Arthur, one of the best summations of who is the enemy. It's not just Jews. It's our own people.

    In all of my many years of living, I've been F'd over, hurt, mocked and exiled by older white women who are liberal, single and ugly. I really don't like focusing on someone's appearance but facial physiognomy is usually representative of what is going on in the inside. I've had dealings with jerk men in my life, but overwhelmingly it's been older white women!

    What you said about the ugly haircuts is right on the money. I have dark brown hair. I can sit on it. My husband told me he'd divorce me if I cut it. Anyhoo….I cannot tell you how many women have said oh Annie, you know women your age over 60 shouldn't have long hair. It's messy and unfashionable. I told my hubby that and he said F those women.

    Since the vaccine is affecting a lot of white liberal women, let them take the vax. I feel they'll be dead in a few years.

    I say replace those white child bearing women with good decent women from South Africa and Eastern Europe, to name but a few places. I'm sure especially the white south african women would love to live here. I've worked with a few SA women and men and they're wonderful people.

  2. Arthur Sido

    That is sadly all too believable. So many middle age and older White women, either single or divorced, are incredibly angry and bitter and their life mission seems to be to take it out on normal women. People always seemed to think my stay at home mom of 8 kids wife was some circus freak because she was raising our kids instead of pushing paper in a cubicle.

  3. Mike Austin

    "…they hate you and wish you dead."

    I have known this since the beginning of the Clinton administration. The government eased off on a very few occasions, but since early last year it has been pedal to the metal hatred, tyranny and communism. They don't even try to hide it. Why should they? They think we can do nothing against their depredations.

    Ok then. They have made their position as clear as it can be made. Let the games begin.

  4. Anonymous

    I was bullied by my manager and her out-lesbian "best friend" (another post menopausal white woman) in my workplace (a govt dept). Next thing I have six or seven of these shrieking harpies (all post-menopausal white women) all piling-on to me – itching to be part of it. It was like the mean-girl bullshit I saw with my kid sister when I was growing up.

    It got so bad that for the first time in my life I needed to see a counsellor. He told me that 80% of his male clients were in EXACTLY the same position as me. He said that I should come to terms with the fact that I would be fired – that somehow they would all get together and find a sneaky way to get me sacked.

    The funny thing is I survived all of their crap and attempts to target me.

    I stood up to them, took notes and documented EVERYTHING. I sought legal advice and prepared "to make the rubble bounce" on my way out. The moment I started this process, EVERYTHING changed. They are not used to men fighting back, and being more sneaky and venomous than they are. They think you'll run away crying like all the other men they have targeted. The bullying went from 15/10 down to 2/10. It never went away, but they have left me largely alone.

    The only reason why I didn't quit and go elsewhere is due to my substantial mortgage. I have a science background and my particular field is very difficult to find work. I have learned my lesson and am slowly accumulating multiple sources of passive income – to make me less vulnerable to this sort of BS. It was certainly a valuable life-lesson the shrieking harpies taught me !

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