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Their Rage Is Driven By Jealousy

High school in the 1980s was a near perfect microcosm of how human society is inherently organized in hierarchy. Students were pretty neatly divided into different groups or cliques that determined their social standing and who was in their circle of friends. This was the source for a ton of movies about teen angst in the 1980s, most memorably The Breakfast Club where five students from different groups were forced together in Saturday detention and learned about each other. 

In our school and I assume most other high schools around the country, this was most starkly seen in the lunchroom. Our cafeteria was one large room with a smaller room to one side that was reserved for the seniors and in that room there was one table that was exclusively for the “jocks”, which generally meant the guys who played football, basketball or wrestled and sometimes the cheerleaders. The rest of the cafeteria was divided up into tables for kids based on their social standing. Kids in band sat together, the “burn-outs” who wore leather jackets and snuck off to smoke during the day sat at another. That covered most students but some kids who didn’t have much in the way of social connections kind of ended up lumped together by default. The popular kids were at the top and you worked your way down to the losers and weirdos. If you were one of the jocks, you could do no wrong. We used to leave school grounds to go to the grocery across the street to get donuts and the principal would see us and wave (he used to play pro football).

While we all were full of angst and uncertainty and confusion, high school was actually a pretty great time for most of us. I didn’t learn much except how to get a girl’s bra off but we had lots of fun. For the losers and weirdos? I bet it really sucked. It wasn’t that they were bullied, although some of that went on, it was mostly that they were ignored. The teachers didn’t notice them, the other students didn’t either. They spent four years being mostly anonymous, just background noise in the hallway. There was a line in The Breakfast Club that captured it, when jock Emilio Estevez tells Judd Nelson that he might as well not even exist:

You know, Bender, you don’t even count. I mean if you disappeared forever it wouldn’t make any difference. You may as well not even exist at this school.

Lots of people were like that but then those people got out of high school and in the same way that many prominent high school athletes can’t stop reliving their glory days, these people can’t stop being resentful about the way they were treated, or at least thought they were treated, in high school. What happens to these people? Many of them seem to grow up and become petty tyrants: clerks at the DMV or other local bureaucratic offices, meter maids, TSA workers, censors on social media. It seems likely just from anecdotal evidence that they never have or fail to maintain personal relationships and end up as box wine chugging cat ladies.

They are the scolds who prowl social media, scouring twitter threads and Facebook comments for anyone having a little too much fun or being a little irreverent. They spend all day, every day, online, ceaselessly commenting while normal people learned a long time ago the futility of arguing with strangers on the internet. With no family and no friends, these people have nothing better to do. They see the lives of normal people with families and friends and fun and it enrages them. They are jealous of normal people and this drives them to seek out small, petty means of exacting revenge on us. It wasn’t that big of a deal when it was just a DMV clerk who sent you away because of a comma missing on a form but now these people are filling the corridors of power and their rage is starting to get very dangerous. 

You can also look at the mugshots of antifa and you will see a plethora of maladjusted misfits and freaks who band together to cause mayhem out of rage for getting beat up in high school. Sure they can be dangerous in large groups but generally they are weak, fat and cowardly and that is how they have always been, explaining their anger and resentment toward normal, happy people.

Another example. Dave Cullen does lots of videos about popular culture and he published one called Cultural Reflections of Our Society that brings up the common and oft remarked phenomena of movies being remade/rebooted with all of the White male characters being replaced with some variation of a STRONG FEMALE DIVERSE LESBIAN character or the substitution of Africans for European historical and cultural figures. 

This is so commonplace that you could blog or do videos about it virtually every day and never run out of material. 

It used to be really irritating and upsetting to me to see this happening, a clearly intentional effort to erase our culture by sabotaging and wrecking the beloved icons of our youth and our history. Now, it mostly amuses me. Why this shift? Well first there isn’t anything I can do about it except what I am already doing which is withholding my money by not going to the theater, not attending sporting events, not paying for cable or Netflix. Second, it amuses me because it screams, however unintentionally on their part, the stark truth that they have to appropriate and copy us because they lack the ability to compete with us. Why don’t they just make movies based on African stories and characters developed by Africans? Because they just aren’t as good. Let’s look at two examples, one very recent and one a bit older.

In 2018, the Marvel film Black Panther was released to deafening approval. Starring Chadwick Boseman as the African hero T’Challa, ruler of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, Black Panther was effusively praised by just about everyone despite it being at best a mediocre superhero movie (see: Black Panther is the Most Overrated MCU Movie Ever). Africans all over the world were doing the Wakandan salute and putting #WakandaForever on social media. It was a big deal as the first (but not really) Marvel adaptation with a black lead character. 

The thing about Black Panther is….well it isn’t a character created by blacks. The two men responsible for coming up with the idea of the Black Panther comic are two Jewish guys, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who might be one of the most Jewish looking guys ever…

So here is this heroic black fantasy character, revered by Africans, and his character was created by a couple of pasty Jewish guys. Oy vey!

A second example, a little farther back. In 1976 a novel was released by an African author named Alex Haley titled Roots: The Saga of an American Family, the story of an African slave named Kunta Kinte and his successive generations of progeny. The novel was made into a very successful miniseries of the same name in 1977. I remember it being on TV but didn’t watch it at the time and never have bothered. Roots is considered one of the masterpieces of literature and cinema from an African. 

But hang on. I learned a little something about Roots and Alex Haley. In 1978, Alex Haley was sued by a man named Harold Courlander, pictured below.

Mr. Courlander wrote a book in 1967 titled The African and lo and behold, it turns out that Alex Haley did a little plagiarizing of that book when writing his own. By a little I mean like a lot. At least 81 passages worth. A court and multiple experts agreed with Mr. Courlander and he won his suit:

Courlander and Haley settled the case out of court for $650,000 and a statement that “Alex Haley acknowledges and regrets that various materials from The African by Harold Courlander found their way into his book, Roots.”

Back in those days, $650,000 was an enormous sum of money. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics $650,000 in December of 1978 is worth in today’s “money”:


Dats a lotta dough. 

That is just the first two examples I thought of off the top of my head and neither landmark of African culture is really African, or at best they are adaptations by an African that leans very heavily on the writings of a non-African. 

When a non-White person is intentionally cast in the role previously played by a White person or is cast as a historically White figure, it is just a cheap and childish imitation like a little girl putting on mommy’s lipstick and high heels. It can be cute but no one takes it seriously. They can cast a homely African woman named Lashana Lynch to replace James Bond but it isn’t James Bond and no one thinks it is. Adults will just watch reruns of older Bond movies which are still far more entertaining, no matter how dated they might be.  Idris Alba as the Norse god Heimdall is just ridiculous and silly. Forcing Africans, Middle Easterners and South Asians into Western characters and settings comes across like a cheap knock-off.

They mean it as an insult to us, a slap in the face but really it is equal parts pitiful and hilarious. 

Why do they keep doing it, when it generally has poor box office results and isn’t fooling anyone? 

Out of jealousy.

That is what really drives their hatred. Not slavery, not “racism”, not any of that other bullshit. 

Jealousy. In short:

They hate us because they ain’t us.

Why are black women so angry all the time? Not because they are “exhausted” but because they know that of all the groups of women in the world, their racial group is the least attractive to men across racial boundaries. You see lots of famous African guys, athletes and entertainers, with White girls or Asian girls but how many wealthy White or Asian men have an African chick? Not very many. African men know at a very deep level that they have utterly failed to create anything comparable with what White men have created. They were enslaved and held in bondage for centuries until we let them go and in the 150 years since they haven’t really ever done anything noteworthy as a group other than setting new records for violent crime.

We are hated by lots of people with a white hot rage and in spite of what they always are trying to convince us of, it isn’t because of how we have wronged them but out of jealousy and envy. Box wine aunties are pissed that no one asked them to the prom and they are in their 40s with a shriveled up uterus and no family. The average antifa misfit looks like someone who got their ass kicked in high school every day and their lives are now dedicated to inflicting the same misery on others that they have lived with their entire life. Africans and others like to pretend to be us and appropriate our cultural icons but they are childish and clumsy imitations.

Jealousy and envy are some of the most powerful human emotions and we see on display daily how those emotions drive the rage of our enemies.


  1. jl

    Yeah, jealousy is a nasty business. Sadly I fell victim to it for many a year, growing up on "the wrong side of the tracks". Thankfully not too long into adulthood, reality set in and I started to recognize the effect of my own bad choices and bad habits. I guess Im an oddball, rather than lash out at the world over my own failures I decided to get my shit together and become an actual adult.

    Got our kid through college with zero debt and will be celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary next month. If it weren't for politicians and the media, I'd be a pretty damn happy and content guy these days. Never falling for facebook, etc has probably helped in that regard. I have NO regrets about ignoring the social media phenomenon.

  2. BigCountryExpat

    There's also the -opposite- effect. I literally looked just like Anthony Michael Hall in High School (see Farmer Ted in 16 Candles) AND also got my ass beat constantly… a D&D Geek and gun nut which helped in my later career choices… I decided that if I couldn't beat them at THAT game, I'd scare the living shit out of them. "Lo and though I walk through the Valley in the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil, for I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds" to mangle and paraphrase… I used that anger to drive my achievements in the DotMil. A lot of us did… thats usually why most of the Special Ops kids are more cerebral, as they tend to also come from a background like myself. Inner Peace shortly follows when you achieve what you have aimed for.

  3. Anonymous

    Envy is a form of anger. The envious don't want what you have, they want to destroy you for having it.

    Take for example the fuss over white privilege. You probably think it’s all bullshit. You're wrong.

    What privilege you ask? The privilege of being a winner of history, of having built the modern world, of looking back at your ancestors and not seeing mud huts. White privilege is the privilege of not being ashamed of what you are. White privilege is real.

    And their burning need to destroy you for having it? That's real too.

  4. RHT447

    "Individually, we do not bear arms because we are afraid. We bear arms
    as a declaration of capacity. An armed man can cope – either in the city
    or in the wilderness – and because he is armed, he is not afraid.

    The hoplophobe fears and, yes, hates us, because we are not afraid. We
    are overwhelmingly "other" than he, and in a way that emphasizes his

    Jeff Cooper

  5. Anonymous

    They don't want 'equality'. Never did, never will. They just want a turn at playing 'massa' to White surrogates, punishing the descendants of those who supposedly cracked the whip 150 years ago.

    And where in hell did this ludicrous notion about White people wishing to touch black wymmen’s skanky, unwashed, orc hair even COME from? I know of no White person who has any interest whatsoever in contacting such a disgusting, unsanitary rat’s nest. We’ve got our own pubes, thank you very much.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey, first timer to your site. I think I found this in Gab. I just want to tell you this is an excellent piece. More than excellent, spot-on, over the target, superlative. You really hit the nail on the head. I like how you prefaced this all with the high school analogy. I think its so apropos. I too have made similar observations, but, haven't succinctly describe it the way you did above. When the insurrection kicked-off last summer, antifa and blm et al, I described it as the "Cain Rebellion". Cain killed his brother Able because he was jealous of him. This is one of the very first books in the Bible, which underscores how inherent this condition is to mankind. And it certainly is. We all succumb to this no matter who we are or what group we may be in. But, as you mentioned, this sort of thing is most notable in society's rejects. Moreover, the rejects are most apt to express this angst in a violent way. What do they have to lose? Honestly, a rank and file antifa is a drug addicted, ugly to the point of deformed person. They have nothing going for them. Ordinarily we should pity such people, and perhaps that's the true and right course. However, for the moment they're burning cities and their pathetic ethos rules the mound, which is scary. For jealousy is insidious. Among other things it clouds judgement. And this is what carries the nuclear codes right now. Need proof? Please note what flags are flying on our international embassies right now. And speaking of flags, don't discount the jealousy of homosexuals too. That "community" has literally made it their aim to be the "most popular kid in school".

  7. Zorost

    "We are hated by lots of people with a white hot rage…"

    Oh gawd, why does the rage have to be white? Decolonialize your prose, oppressor!!

    Something I once saw on twitter:
    If there was a "superior race", it would get no sympathy if it were under attack. People would hate and envy it, yet also want to live in their nations and neighborhoods. Men of other races would lust after their women, and seek to weaken and undermine it's men.


    I didn't notice this until long after high school, but I was the true oddity. I didn't have a regular table I sat at during lunch, I just sat with whatever group I felt like on that day. If I wanted to discuss sports, I sat at the jock table with my fellow wrestlers. If I wanted to geek out, I sat with the nerds to discuss last weekend's AD&D campaign. If I needed a date, I sat at the band table. Even though I wasn't a band geek, for some reason I've always had good luck with band chicks. If a chick is good at playing the oboe, you know she's good at other oral pursuits…

  8. NorthGunner

    Hi Arthur,

    It goes a lot farther than just mere jealousy or even worse, envy.

    And it goes much further than "The thing about Black Panther is….well it isn't a character created by blacks. The two men responsible for coming up with the idea of the Black Panther comic are two Jewish guys, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who might be one of the most Jewish looking guys ever…So here is this heroic black fantasy character, revered by Africans, and his character was created by a couple of pasty Jewish guys. Oy vey"

    Looks like I'm going to have to point out 'the gorilla suit guy
    walking thru the basketball game' here.

    Here's a couple of quotes to back this up..nothing like letting 'The Hostile Elites' as Dr. Kevin MacDonald calls them, speak openly about what their thoughts and goals are:

    “We (Jews) intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews”.
    — EU ‘founding father’Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in ’Praktischer Idealisimus',1925

    "The Kalergi Plan" is being implemented right now by our own Politicians who desearve a traitors fate.
    We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa.
    I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born.
    Our Control Commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out interracial tensions,
    forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark
    races, and the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the
    dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will only become
    a memory.
    We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica,
    and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily
    enable us to retain mastery over the world of dark peoples."
    – Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich, in a speech before the Council of European Rabbis in 1952

    “If Gentiles [any non-Jew] refuse to live a life of inferiority, then this signals their
    rebellion and the unavoidable necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence.”
    – Cf. Mordechai Nisan, Kivunim (official publication of the World Zionist Organization), August, 1984, pp. 151-156

    If that's not sufficient, then let's hear what former Jew,
    Brother Nathanael has to say on the matter of who owns the media.

    The Jews that Run the Media

    The deeply indoctrinated will howl at the above observations
    but it doesn't change that fact of it's truth.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  9. Zorost


    Another example of stolen whiteness is Chinua Achebe. AFAIK he actually wrote his famous book that almost all college students were forced to read, "Things Fall Apart." However, it is celebrated as an example of "traditional African literature." Chinua was born in Nigeria, and is an African… however he was educated by the British including going to college (or as they would say, "going to university.") His book is very familiar, not at all as jarring as you'd think coming from another culture… then you realize that the novel is written in the form of a classic Greek tragedy.

  10. Zorost

    Soros' son explains why his dad does what he does in this article, the paragraph is about 2/3 of the way down, right under a picture of Soros on a billboard:

    "When the caffeine finally kicked in, Alex told me that for many years, his father had not been eager to advertise his Judaism because “this was something he was almost killed for.” But he had always “identified firstly as a Jew,” and his philanthropy was ultimately an expression of his Jewish identity, in that he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected. Explaining his father’s motives, he said, “The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew — unless you become a nationalist and only fight for your own rights in your own state.”"

  11. Arthur Sido

    I was a D&D geek in middle school but got into sports as in high school, not because I particularly enjoyed it but I wanted the social standing that came with it. I still own all of my original AD&D manuals.

  12. Joe

    I knew a Jewish guy who moved to my hometown. He told me that his grandpa told him, The whites work the blacks, and we work the whites. Bout sums it up, dont it.

  13. Arthur Sido

    Absolutely, I think most homosexuals have a deep self-loathing so all of the "pride" stuff and trying to get kids into their degeneracy is a way to make them feel less revolted by their own actions.

  14. Fa Cube Itches

    Can't remember who said it origianlly, but: "Beware of the tyranny of the weak over the strong. It is the only tyranny that lasts."

  15. Georgiaboy61

    Supremacism practiced by any race, creed or ethnicity is morally wrong. Period, full-stop… even if it is the Jews doing it. But do not make the mistake of tarring all of that particular group with the same brush. Every individual deserves the chance to be judged as an individual person, unique in his/her own way, and not caricatured like some long-ago "Der Sturmer" cartoon or as in some other Nazi propaganda.

    There is a certain cynical and amoral species of person who has milked the Holocaust story for everything it is worth, exploiting the power of victimhood all the way. But the fact that a few unscrupulous individuals manipulate us by those ends does not diminish the larger truth that it really happened and that millions died in the ovens and crematoria at the hands of the Nazis, including many Jews.

    However, the reverse also holds true: Anyone – including Jews – who attempts to diminish the suffering and hardships of other groups for his own nefarious ends, ought to be suspect. They aren't the only people in human history to have suffered, not by a long shot, and they certainly haven't cornered the market on victimhood, either. Next time someone brings up the Holocaust of WWII, ask why Hollywood hasn't made very many films about the Holomador or the Armenian genocide. That ought to set those folks back on their heels. Remind them gently that if they expect the world to care about their suffering, then they'd better be prepared to reciprocate when others are victimized.

  16. NorthGunner


    Where the parasite class known as the jews are concerned, I respectfully disagree.

    As others far more knowledgeable than I have repeatedly shown, that class of individuals HAVE as a group made it their mission to slowly and subtly destroy every nation/civilization that has been foolhardy enough to first give them entry and then endow them with the same rights and freedoms that the host civilization/nation's people have.

    As Maurice Samuels states very clearly below, they DON'T want to be treated as equals or be a positive force in their host's civilization or nation, let alone peacefully assimilate:

    "We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build. Beyond all temporary alliances with this or that faction lies the ultimate split in nature and destiny, the enmity between the Game and God. But those of us who fail to understand that truth will always be found in alliance with your rebellious factions, until disillusionment comes. The wretched fate which scattered us through your midst has thrust this unwelcome role upon us."
    — Maurice Samuels, "You Gentiles", Chapter 9, 1924

    Let's not forget what convicted spy Johnathan Pollard had to say
    via "The Times of Israel":

    Pollard claims Jews ‘will always have dual loyalty,’ whether they know it or not
    Convicted spy laments US Jews see themselves as more American than Jewish, suggests he’d counsel Jew working in American security apparatus to spy for Israel even now

    Actually, their loyalty is ALWAYS to their fellow tribalists and
    the Rothschild's corporate/terrorist colony known as israel and
    that's it. They are American in name only and only when it suits
    their ongoing support of each other and israel..they're nothing
    more than parasitic chameleons.

    When such people tell you who they really are and
    what they intend to do, it's important to listen
    to them and judge them not only by that but by
    their actions in service to their stated goals.

    The bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946

    The terrorist firebombings in Cairo, Egypt in
    1957 (the 'Lavon Affair')

    The attack on the USS Liberty and her crew in
    international waters in 1967 by both naval
    and air assets


    Are we starting to see a pattern here people?…

    Sorry to burst your idealistic bubble about them
    but reality exists and doesn't care about equality
    or fairness.

    And Jennifer Rubin makes it very plain that she DOESN'T want White People or their civilization to exist, (which is a tacit admission on her part that she and fellow jews like Barbara Lerner Specter and the late Noel Ignatiev [all of which have openly stated that they hate White People/Western Civilization] do NOT consider themselves 'White' or Caucasian..except when they're in mixed non-jewish company and it's in their advantage to openly lie about such).

    Jennifer Rubin, et al rejoice at the impending
    minority status of Whites

    Again, more reality…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  17. NorthGunner

    Georgiaboy said:

    "..They (Jews) aren't the only people in human history to have suffered, not by a long shot, and they certainly haven't cornered the market on victimhood, either. Next time someone brings up the Holocaust of WWII, ask why Hollywood hasn't made very many films about the Holomador or the Armenian genocide. That ought to set those folks back on their heels.."

    No! No! No!!..You DON'T get it – it's about 'Branding'!!..'Marketing the Product' baby!! It's about, shoes baby!! There's no 'Brand Awareness' in the Holodomor!

    There's no 'Product Tie-in' with the Armenians – not even the Kardashians give a fuck about their own people baby!! It's about SELLING 'the "Product"!!

    That's what Hollywood is all about baby – selling 'the "Product" find a way to market that meshugga goy fegelah Bruce Jenner in drag on a box of kids cereal and make a 20% ROI…then, you come back to talk business!

    And no having it appear with Toucan Sam either – the goyim already notice 'the nose''s why we had to fire him and Joe Camel!!"

    Pol Pot doesn't get it

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

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