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Swing And A Miss

Looks like a preprogrammed mass shooter went off the rails in Tennessee, shooting up a Kroger, killing one and injuring at least 14 people before shooting himself.

That is a pretty poor kill/wound ratio, ghetto thug spray-and-pray levels so I wonder what they hell set this guy off. Not nearly a high enough body count to move the needle on gun control so it is either a random loon or a deep plant who went off early.
Taking bets on whether he is one of BCE’s infamous “Three name shooters”. I don’t expect this story to get much traction, it is already being replaced by the arrest warrant being issued for the boyfriend of that dead chick. 


  1. BigCountryExpat

    Word is it was a "chinese guy' who'd just been fired… think it's more of a 'disgruntled x-worker' venting/ventilating his now-former co-workers, hence why they all apparently locked theyselves in the freezer to avoid his tender 'ministrations'

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