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Open Season On White People

In 2019 a Somali living in America that was inexplicably given a badge and a gun named Mohamed Noor was found guilty of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Noor shot an unarmed White woman named Justine Damond in her pajamas, across his partner’s body in the cop car, killing her. He claimed he was “startled” and shot the woman who had called 911 in the first place. The case got very little attention as you can imagine. An African diversity hire who shot a White woman isn’t the kind of news the media likes to cover. She clearly was a threatening figure….

It goes without saying that when Noor was convicted, the usual suspects like Ilhan Omar began screeching that his conviction was based in “racism”: Justice For Justine Damond?

Now just a little over two years later, the Minnesota Supreme Court, employing some of the most tortured legal bullshit I have ever seen, has tossed the third-degree murder charges.

The high court ruled that prosecutors did not prove that Noor had acted with a “depraved mind, without regard for human life,” which would be needed for the third-degree murder conviction.
“In sum, our precedent confirms that Noor is correct in arguing that a person does not commit depraved-mind murder when the person’s actions are directed at a particular victim,” according to the opinion by Chief Justice Lorie Gildea.
I guess gunning down an unarmed woman from inside your car isn’t the act of a “depraved mind” according to Lorie Gildea. She looks like someone who definitively shouldn’t be in that position.
Another solid Republican court pick. Keep in mind that in this same state of Minnesota, Derek Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree murder for restraining drug addled violent felon George Floyd leading to Floyd’s death while hopped up on drugs. 
While Noor might get out as soon as the end of this year, serving just a couple of years for gunning down Justine Damond, Chauvin is likely to serve at least 15 years. Noor shot a woman, Chauvin restrained a man. Noor gets off with only a couple of years, Chauvin gets at least 15. The disparity is 100% because Noor is African and his victim was White while Chauvin is White and George Floyd is African. 
That’s White privilege for ya, a Somali can murder a White woman in America and get away with it.
Your daily reminder that we live under a two tier justice system and if you are White, you can’t rely on the courts to protect your rights. Not anymore.
That fact needs to inform a lot of how you think in 2021.


  1. Anonymous

    if a "brother' has a gun, they just have to shoot it. doesn't matter at who or what. he just has to fire the damn thing. saw a lot of that back in philly. and it also the reason why they never have more than 2 mags worth of ammo at best. kind of like how they keep feeling their dick to see if it still there type of thing. at least that what I figure they do ? but your right, it has bein open season on white people for a while now. like since 2009 or so ,,,

  2. Arthur Sido

    I remain convinced there is more to this story and his (presumably White) partner knows what happened. A loud noise and he shot through his partners window killing a White woman in her jammies? Even for a Somali that makes little sense.

  3. Anonymous

    why on earth would you expect anything they do to make sense as we know it ? they steal stuff they can't use, if they can't steal it or carry it away. they will break it of try to destroy it.
    very little of what hood rats do make any sense to anyone who is not one of them.

  4. Anonymous

    here a question, why did dumbfuck have his weapon out and why was it pointed at her ?
    most cops do not pull out the weapon out with a reason. shots fired at them, dirtbag robbing a store
    type of thing. why did no one ask this ?

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Arthur,
    Apologise as this is WAAAAAY off-topic – my security software is claiming John Wilder's site is infected & trying to phish me for approx the last two weeks. I thought it might be correct for a day or too, but NOT this long. Is there actually a problem or are the antivirus/antimalware companies playing stupid games?

  6. Arthur Sido

    That is a good question, I assume he is right handed so he had to draw his weapon while seated, point it past his partner and shoot at a target who was clearly a White woman. His partner knows what really happened and isn't saying.

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