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No One Gets A Free Pass

Good video from Johnny B on the topic of criticizing veterans. 

I have said before, as someone who didn’t serve, that there have been millions of people who did and most of them were pretty OK people. A bunch of them were/are heroes and some, too many, were complete fucking disasters as human beings. 
Someone like Zioclops Dan Crenshaw who supports red flag laws and demands unwavering support from every American for Isreael? He is a piece of shit and I don’t care how many little ribbons he had on his uniform. 
John McCain? Fuck that guy, I am glad he is dead and only wish he had died much earlier before his decades of betraying heritage Americans in the Senate.
The Black Rifle Coffee cucks? Same for them. 
General Milley? That guy should be executed as the traitor he is and they can bury him with all of his bullshit medals. 
Bottom line, you don’t get a free pass to be an asshole because you were in the military. Not now, not ever. 


  1. TPB

    Agree whole-heartedly. From a four tour infantry vet, not that it means anything anymore. I further this by saying stand up your own Ranger teams with the remnants of American veterans/civilians, no matter their MOS or branch. Learn light infantry; ambushes and raids, etc. Just be advised, there is no US military anymore; the 75th Ranger Regiment is not jumping in to save your town from invaders. As CSM Basil Plumley stated, "Gentlemen, Prepare to defend yourselves…!!"

  2. ChuckInBama

    As a former tanker in an infantry division, I know enough about dismounted drills to be a PITA.
    A lot of the vets I see around lately would never have made it in a combat arms unit. Proud of my service, but ashamed to be lumped in with guys who just used military service as a form of welfare. It appears "duty, honor, country" are foreign concepts these days. And to CSM Plumley, I'm prepared, and it's going to be a wonderful day.

  3. Anonymous

    back in the early 1980's mccain and kerry klown stup down the mia board in congress. they hid tons of
    info from everyone trying to find the truth about it. make no mistake the viets kept french pow until
    they paid up. then the guys went home. we never paid and those boys where left to rot.
    fuck them clowns

  4. Mike Austin

    Benedict Arnold was a military vet. Adolf Hitler was a military vet. George McClellan was a military vet. Vidkun Quisling was a military vet. Milley, Austin, McCain, Kerry are just more of the same.

    One Chesty Puller is worth more than the entire Joint Chiefs.

  5. Jim Wetzel

    "General Milley? That guy should be executed as the traitor he is and they can bury him with all of his bullshit medals."

    The day they bury Milley the Hutt, some backhoe is going to get a severe workout. Better get two.

  6. Last Days To The Rodeo

    My neighbors son did a one-time, minimum term in the military 37 years ago. From what is told, he enlisted mainly to avoid jail. No combat, no danger of any kind. Came out for the better and good for him. However, his parents throw the term "veteran" around and speak of his service nearly four decades ago like the guy created the entire Special Forces. Again, whatever they want to believe but unconditional worship of the military concerns me. There is no doubt in my mind that if the military showed up at my neighbors door, demanded their firearms and the names and addresses of everyone they know that owns firearms, they would provide the pen and paper because of their son the "veteran".

  7. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    Fuck mcstain. He is the arrogant son of a bitch who strutted on to the floor and was the thumbs down vote that killed o bummer care repeal. Other than Massie from kentucky they are all POS's. gaetz of florida even voted for the red flag law. Not mine but 3 repugnant assholes from other parts of the state voted yeah on that shit. Okc had one with and American name but she's iranian. Don't ask me how stupid the voters are down there but they probably used the same tactics they used for bidet.

  8. Arthur Sido

    Massie is about the only reliable vote in the House, my idiot Congressman Jim Banks is too busy preening on TV to actually read the bills so he voted in favor of that red flag bill too

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