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Making Your Own Bleach For Water Purification

Water remains one of the biggest concerns for me, we live where there is always plenty of rain/snow and lots of rivers and ponds but getting that water clean enough for consumption is an issue. So this video seemed pretty handy, I am not enough of a chemist to say this is correct but it seems like a good solution for a stable product that can sanitize water. 

You can also go to his website directly to the article here and do what I did and make a pdf copy of the process. I need to print up a bunch of these pdf files I have saved just in case. This doesn’t take care of the mechanical process of removing visible contaminants but some cheese cloth or even a t-shirt would do the trick.
As always start to figure this stuff out now because when you need it, it will be too late.


  1. Anonymous

    Silk… find an indian store that sells Saris and buy silk. If you use 7 layers of resl silk not the satan look alike crap.

    A group of water researchers found that with 7 layers you can take out all the finest silt and 99% of the bacteria. If you filtered with the silk and then treated with bleach you would be safe – bleach works best if the silt is already removed.


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