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Jabbity Jab Jab

Got the Covid jab times two plus the booster? Not good enough say the good folks at Notre Dame:

 All students at the University of Notre Dame will be required to get a flu shot this fall.

According to the Observer, students received an email about the decision on Wednesday, saying it’s an effort to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses on campus.

To help students get the flu vaccine, the campus will hold two flu blitzes next month.

If students get the shot off campus, they will have to provide proof to the University by November 1 or face a hold on their class registration for the next semester.

The school says religious or medical exemptions can be requested.
Who could have imagined that once the wannabe tyrants got the greenlight to force you to take one shot that they would decide to keep jabbing you over and over again, just because they can?
The average college student is 18-22 years old. In other words the age category that you are least vulnerable to serious complications from Covid or the flu. But hey, let’s jab them with an unlimited number of needles and inject them with all sorts of random fluids, and of course that won’t backfire or anything.
They are hellbent on creating a whole population that has been jabbed so many times their natural immunity is shot making them completely dependent on a non-stop series of “boosters” to stay alive. 


  1. jl

    I've been saying for decades that the flu shot is a Trojan Horse. I expected that the .gov was simply conditioning the populace to consent without question, then they could "administer" whatever evil shit they had up their sleeve to thin the herd. They could sterilize, inject any number of vicious disease, even a straight up kill shot…and then blame it on Bio-terrorism by our enemy du jour. I mean, since when does the .gov AND Big Pharma collude to GIVE STUFF AWAY, with nothing to gain for themselves? Now with the new "plague" the conditioning has gone into hyperdrive with the added bonus of further division between the citizenry. I truly believe it is just a matter of time before we see an honest to goodness mass casualty event *blamed* on a bad batch or one tainted by "terrorist factions". Frankly Im surprised it hasnt already happened.

  2. Mike Guenther

    I'm not taking the jab. Nor have I ever taken a flu shot. I do take the pneumonia shot because of my age, but it lasts five years.

    When I joined the service back in the late 70's, I contracted Hep C from the mandatory vaccinations. Not from the vaccine itself, but from the method used to administer the vaccines. A room with med techs on either side and a long line of recruits shambling through and getting hit in both arms with a compressed air gun that injected the vaccines, the tech wiping the end of the nozzle with the same rag between shots.

    The disease wasn't even known until the late 80's, early 90's. and people wouldn't even know they had it until 20 or 30 years later, as was my case. ( Thankfully the VA took care of me and provided the very expensive treatments at no cost to me.)

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