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If You Only Leave Us One Choice….

…it might not be the choice you think.

This guy gets it and he is a Canuck…

The fag running the Sandman Coffee account is pretty typical….

“College Educated” and “Democratic Socialist” tells you all you need to know. If he was actually educated he would know what Daniel James is saying is true. If you push us into a corner and leave us with no good options, we will likely just take a really shitty (for you) option because why not?

These people really haven’t thought this through.

(not an incitement to shoot anyone)


  1. Mike Austin

    It's astounding really, how much "progressives" do not and cannot understand us. They have spent their entire lives stewing in the pop culture and media soup that they look at us as weird aliens, laughable in the extreme.

    I hope they like surprises.

  2. Mike Austin

    Nail, meet head. Of course. I had not understood this well enough. The "progressives" live lives free of consequence, supported as they are by their parents, Big Tech and 'woke' corporations. They are daily justified in their actions through the media, social platforms and the entertainment industry. They cannot understand that their own lives are lived insect-like, through a hive-mind that accepts only creatures like them. All outside the hive are strange, stupid and unacceptable.

    My God! When one day these creatures meet reality. My God.

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