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Hurricane Ida Media Blackout

A little over a week ago, on August 29th, 2021, Hurricane Ida slammed into the city of New Orleans. It was a major storm, one of the worst to ever hit the U.S. and the death toll is at 71 and climbing with an estimated cost of $50 billion. Recovery has been very slow so far.

Until recently over a million people in the majority black city of New Orleans were without power and over a week later half a million are still without power.
What is weird is how little coverage we are seeing about this. Very little footage of the aftermath, minimal reporting. It seems like the subsequent flooding in the Northeast received more attention than the actual hurricane itself. Makes you wonder what is really going on down there and why it isn’t getting more attenton.
Also makes you wonder: if Orange Man Bad was President right now, what would the coverage be like? Does anyone think that it wouldn’t be wall to wall coverage of black residents of New Orleans bitching about not getting enough aid, Puerto Rico all over again?
The Usurper’s approval ratings are in the toilet thanks to inflation and the Afghanistan debacle. Just imagine if the media wasn’t running cover for him….


  1. robert orians

    It's getting to where it takes three hours research in the morning to find fifteen minutes of truth . I'm thinking we're in the beginning stages of " The Great Delusion".

  2. Anonymous

    You still have to search long and hard to find the truth about the unspeakable horrors incurred after Katrina struck, so many years ago. It takes no more than a momentary glitch in the feed trough for the ferals to go full Zimbabwe, as became apparent a few years back when the EBT teat ran dry for a few hours. It's not enough to say 'avoid crowds' and 'get out of the cities'. ANYWHERE that has a significant non-White population has become a no-go zone in even the smallest of emergencies.

    DON'T be a patient in hospital when the power goes out. DON'T be an aged resident in a nursing home when the gibsmedat train grinds to a halt. DON'T get between a feral and its meal ticket. You're on your own, YT. There is no one coming to rescue you, no matter what the emergency. Plan accordingly.

  3. Anonymous

    I was wondering about this. Why so silent? I thought perhaps they did the NY & NJ thing 'cause it was new, and the Ida thing was just gonna be a redo of Katrina.

    But now I'm curious…

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