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Hating Those Who Hate Me Without Bias

If there is one thing that White people have in abundance, it is groups that hate us. In fact it is pretty hard to find a non-White group that doesn’t hate us, hate that I believe is grounded in envy. Hell, it is getting difficult to find many White people who don’t hate other Whites.

Spend much time on this side and you will invariably start to see that some outlets are a lot more focused on some groups than others.
The Jews are a favorite whipping boy. It isn’t hard to figure out why. Follow the trail of virtually any anti-White movement and you find a dual-citizen of Our Greatest Ally somewhere near the apex pulling the strings. Degeneracy is the same way. Some of the very worst people in our culture are of Chosen stock, from White-hating Jennifer Rubin to David Frum to L’il Bill Kristol. The institutions that constantly are attacking us, from government to finance to entertainment, are chock full of Jews. Then you have the watchdog groups like the ADL who are actively censoring White people under the guise of preventing another Shoah. For people who are such a small percentage of the population, they seem to show up in any list of bad actors awfully frequently. So yeah, the Chosen People tend to get a lot of attention from /ourside/, especially from the remnants of what was once the Alt-Right.
Another common obsession are Africans living in America. Again, this is understandable. You can’t turn on the TV or read the news without seeing some glowering black guys in a mugshot after being arrested for murder. Our cities are becoming unlivable thanks to black violent crime. When it comes to most negative social metrics, Africans stand out for being the worst. To compound matters they are incessantly complaining and blaming everyone else for their failings. There is a weird disconnect between what is really happening and what they think is happening. Stories like this are a great example:
Here is a choice quote:
“Black women have been groomed to overachieve,” she said. “We know how to boss up and get it done. So it’s about reprogramming the idea that it’s weak to say you can’t do more.”
Is there anyone when thinking about black women that thinks “Wow, they are overachievers!”? 
For those focused on immigration, mestizos are the real problem. They are flooding across our border and have been for decades. While Africans as a percentage of the population have held fairly stable, mestizos are exploding in numbers, essentially taking over states like California and soon Texas. When Whites become a minority in our own country in the next decade or so, it will be because of mestizos.
The BoomerCon still sees militant Islam as the real enemy, believing that a global caliphate is in the works. They have never questioned once the 9/11 and subsequent Afghan and Iraq war narratives. These are the people who would be perfectly happy to go back into Afghanistan under the mantra of fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.
So which is it? Who is our real enemy?
All of the above.
Let me clarify: all of the above who hate us.
Despite what some may think of me, I don’t discriminate based on race. My credo is simple: 
If you hate me, I hate you right back. If you wish me or mine harm, I am perfectly willing to visit harm upon you and to lose no sleep about it. 
I am an equal opportunity hater. It really isn’t really a matter of blind racial animus but rather racial and tribal solidarity.
There are plenty of White people who hate me and I hate them in return. Some of the worst offenders in fucking up this country are White. Africans may loot Foot Locker and generally be nuisances but Bolshevik Whites are creating the conditions for them to get away with it. In my view, the White bad actors in our society are a lot more likely to cause serious trouble than some gangster Africans or mestizos living in an inner city barrio. If I stay clear of them, they mostly stay clear of me. Whites and dual-citizens? They can’t stand the idea of someone living a normal life without being hectored and scolded so they seek out way to be assholes. 
So an African guy in Dallas or a mestizo in Omaha or a Jew in Toledo who are content to mind their own business and extend that same courtesy to me aren’t really an enemy while some leftist White busybody in Arlington, Virginia who wants to control my life absolutely is.
You might even say I actually embrace diversity. I honestly wish Africans nothing but the best in Africa. Same with mestizos and Asians in their nations, and Jews in Israel. Of course I want Poles to have their culture in Poland and Ukrainians theirs in Ukraine, Spaniards in Spain and British in the UK. I think the world is a richer place when we have vibrant cultures grounded in history and place instead of a generic consumerist globalism.
That isn’t to say that there aren’t significant group patterns that are problematic. Again, while I don’t see every Jew as a subversive who is trying to wreck and replace Western civilization, it is simply an easily verifiable fact that a disproportionately huge percentage of the people who are trying to do that are Jewish. Likewise while there are plenty of decent Africans living in America, they also a wildly disproportionate when it comes to virtually every social malady in America and most especially violent crime, while at the same time demanding more and more special privileges based on historical wrongs from 150 years ago. Many mestizos I know are decent and hard-working but they are also flooding this country and demographically swamping my people who built this nation, accelerating the decline of America into the kind of third-world shithole they fled from in the first place. 
I call ’em like I see ’em, I notice the patterns and I base my opinions on whether someone seeks to do me harm. In other words, I don’t hate Jennifer Rubin and George Soros because they are Jews, I hate them because they hate me. 
This wasn’t that big of an issue when I was young and the country was overwhelmingly of White European stock. Africans were concentrated in the south and urban areas and mestizos were a tiny fraction of their current percentage of the population. Sure we had trouble with a few groups but numerically they were far less significant. In a nation that is about to turn majority-minority? Tribal solidarity is going to be critical for survival and those on record by word and deed who hate us need a white hot hatred in return.
It bears repeating that this isn’t what we wanted. We didn’t bring this on ourselves. Others decided that we needed to be replaced and their actions have created a balkanized country of hostile groups, most who hate the heritage stock of America and want to see us replaced by any means necessary. Whether or not we wanted it, it is happening and the reaping of the whirlwind is coming. Better figure out that our people need to stand together because almost everyone else is standing against us.


  1. Anonymous

    "Black professional women are exhausted."

    What, BOTH of them?!?

    Sorry, but the only area where I see black women overachieving is in their capacity for shitting out low IQ future convicts from a bewildering array of sperm donors. And a majority of them seem to achieve critical mass along the way, if their typical steatopygian backsides are any indication.

    Hard, hard pass.

  2. jl

    Good work today Arthur. This is an area I struggle with greatly. I lived 50 years simply taking people as they are, with no preconceived notions based on race, religion, country of origin, etc. None of that shit ever mattered to me. Growing up I had friends of all shapes, sizes,colors,creeds,orientation…before getting married I dated girls of a variety of colors and ethnicities, even had a girlfriend for a year or so from The Tribe. Had another that was a Saudi expat, that lived in the UK most her life. Again, I spent time with these people because I liked them, had things in common with them, and simply enjoyed their company. I never felt like hanging out with any of these folks was due to white guilt, or some sort of fetish, or because I got to feel superior to them due to my "whiteness"…hell, that term wasnt even used a few years ago. And I also learned a long, long time ago the complete garbage people also come in all shapes and sizes, etc. In fact I've got relatives in my own family that look like poster children for the "Aryan" side that are some of the most worthless, degenerate, welfare teet sucking scum you could possibly imagine. I guess what it comes down to for me at least, is that I sincerely resent being put into the position where I feel the need to take tribal affiliation into account. And its all the worse because I fully understand why I need to now, yet I have very little faith in my own "kinfolk" so to speak… Not a comfortable position to be in…

  3. BigCountryExpat

    Being an equal opportunity hater is the safest thing to be these days. There's a reason that we have separate races and that's horrors of horrors! Discrimination!!! It's enough to give a purple hair land whale the vapors! (Side note: ever notice the most obnoxious 'Karens' and whatnot are the ugliest and unfuckable bee-atchas out there? Jes' Sayin'… the "She's so ugly I wouldn't fuck her with 'X's' dick with 'Y' pushing!")

    But yeah, being selective in your associations these days is the safest and smartest move one can perform for oneself. As Granpappy used to say "Lay down with pigs, yer gettin' up dirty!"

  4. CkMarti62

    My son and I live in what is now a ghetto thanks to Houston mayor Bill White's "Katrina people". While my son works 40+ hours a week to pay his rent and bills, I barely see any of our dark skinned neighbors leaving bright and early, or like my son, in the dead of night, going to work. What I do see are a lot of stereotypical "porch monkeys" smoking weed 24/7. It's literally all they do! My daughter just moved from an apt complex that's 98% illegal Mexicans, and while many do leave early in the morning for work, just as many stay home and get drunk. Checking out the local police reports, DWI arrests are more likely to be Mexican than black or white. There might be 1 or 2 whites or blacks for every 10 Mexicans on the police blotter arrested for DWI. While there are some decent blacks and Latinos, I distrust more than I trust. As for other whites, I've seen my share of near do wells, (my son in law is 1 of them), but they are in the minority in the white race, not a majority like with blacks or in the middle as with Mexicans. Bottom line is, I'll stick with my white brethren, warts and all, over the others who have turned my city into a shit hole ghetto/barrio. I'll just have to keep moving further north in order to avoid them.

  5. CkMarti62

    Indeed, with all that overachieving, one would think their asses would be smaller! I'm sure that because of covid and all the govt bennies that came with it, black women are seeing less and less reasons that be overachievers.

  6. Anonymous

    True dat, when it comes to hispanics and DUI. The crime blotter here on tony Long Island is littered with hyphenated hispanic names for DUI arrests and convictions. Like 5-to-1 over any other demographic. What is it with the beaners and their predilection for drunk driving and underaged sex crimes? Just rake our damned leaves, Paco, and leave the little girls alone. Save the Cuervo for after-hours.

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