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Great News For The Hoosier State!

Central Indiana camp to host Afghan evacuees

South-central Indiana’s Camp Atterbury will temporarily host some 5,000 Afghan evacuees as part of Operation Allies Refuge, according to the U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Active-duty and National Guard service members will support this federal mission and provide housing, medical, logistics and transportation to Afghan evacuees at a date to be determined.
I was just saying the other day that what we really needed in Indiana was thousands of Stone Age goat herders who don’t speak our language, have no marketable job skills, basement level IQs, come from an incompatible faith system and will become permanent members of the welfare state. We don’t have nearly enough imbecile dependents of the state!
While I am not in favor of government paid “free” housing and medical care in general, it does seem kinda shitty that these primitive savages get all expenses paid plus a huge upgrade in their nation of residence while actual Americans get yet another downgrade to our homeland and as a bonus get to keep working to pay for Achmed and his dozen wives to live on their dole indefinitely. 


  1. Anonymous

    I see a market in goat brothels just outside said camp.

    The real question is what the mix of that 5000? I'm betting 90% are nen 18 to 34, because very few women got out and that was the mix in all the photos i saw.


  2. TheObsoleteMan

    Now you understand the purpose of the Census. The 1990 census showed Washington that central Indiana was lily white, so they dumped Eritreans on the west side Indianapolis by the thousands. Then again in the 2000s, they dumped tens of thousands of Burmese on the south side of Indianapolis as well. Now this. If they admit to 5k, it's closer to 20k. This is how they flip conservative states, by changing the population demographics. It's working to, today Indianapolis is solidly democrat party controlled, where it was not that long ago a bastion of the GOP. And what has the GOP done to twart or counter these moves? NOTHING.

  3. CRB

    North Dakota here, in 2017, obama's last year our banker/part-time politicans gave us a huge present from the global community, refugees, thousands, at the same time they start building in the floodplan and erect an amazon distribution center…for them to work at…? building in the floodplan to accommodate cultural marxism. we then get hate speech policies and diversity/inclusion directors to destroy our traditional families and communities, AND limits us from being vigilant of industrial scale mass murder. proximity is genocide. i tried to be proactive through our newspaper blog, pointed out how non-europeans might not appreciate things created by europeans or george washington-isms, how non-europeans are being used to attack the white middle class in south africa, referred them to the best movie that shows how they will be used, Uncle Kruger.

    Europeans should understand they are under attack and all countries governments have failed, they only have their own people. It's worked since the beginning of time.

    Need to collaborate with south africa and other european settle and ethnic countries and start to recognize our ethnic settlements.

    Appreciate the Youtube channel ashido.

  4. Arthur Sido

    I am glad that we are pretty distant where we are, northeast of Fort Wayne, but the people in LaPorte will figure it out soon enough when they let the Afghan men start wandering around.

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