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George On Germs

Watched this little gem this morning. I imagine that in real life when he was alive George Carlin was probably an insufferable know-it-all prick but he was also prophetic in a lot of ways, and said things no one else was saying and no one would say today. I respect that a lot more than the milquetoast weasels calling themselves comedians today. My policy has always been to respect people who are passionately and sincerely wrong about stuff they really believe in than people who are politely and meekly uncommitted. 

There is a lot of truth here. Kids today are allergic to everything, half seem asthmatic. Amish kids who play in dirt and often in manure in the barn? Not a one asthmatic that I know of. Sure they have lots of genetic disorders thanks to a closed gene pool but allergies? Not many at all, none I can think of. Their kids go to school when they are sick unless they are really bad, the parents work when they are sick unless nearly dead. No one worries about bringing a peanut butter sammich to school and killing little Joey, they eat whatever the hell they want.
A nation of cowards afraid of their own shadows were easy pickings for the “Patriot” Act and Covid lockdowns. Just think what they will do next to “keep us safe” that people will cheer for while their last remaining liberty is snatched away.


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