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Chandra Levy 2.0?

The whole saga of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito is just weird. The story itself is weird but the coverage it is receiving is crazy. It is a mystery of sorts, although I think most people can figure out where this is going, but a girl from Florida going missing on a trip to Oregon hardly seems like national news but it is dominating the news cycle this morning. The top three stories at Fox News are all about her body apparently being discovered.

Like I said, it is a bit of a mystery, at least until her boyfriend is found, but it is getting an awful lot of press. As I wrote the other day, things are awfully quiet these days and that bodes ill. 

I don’t know why but it reminds me a lot of the Chandra Levy case. Ms. Levy was an intern in D.C. who disappeared in May of 2001. During the initial investigation it was discovered that Ms. Levy was having an affair with married Democrat Congressman from California, the sleazy Gary Condit, something he still denies to this day. Ms. Levy’s remains and her clothing were found a year later. The details of that are not important right now but what is bugging me is that this case seems similar, a missing young woman that is getting an inordinate amount of news coverage.
The search for Chandra Levy was on the news all the time and I recall fairly clearly seeing story after story about it on Fox News, right up until the first reports came in of a plane hitting the World Trade Center. 
I am certainly not drawing parallels between the events or trying to make some sort of connection but rather that the news cycles then and now seem eerily similar. There wasn’t much else going on so the media was fixated on the case of Chandra Levy just to have something to talk about and then something very big happened. Maybe it is just deja vu but I am getting that weird feeling that we might be in a dull news cycle but maybe not for long.
Maybe I am just paranoid or something. Maybe not.


  1. Anonymous

    What happens when you cross a coupla Lawn Guyland kids with Florida Man?


    I could not fail to notice in those screenshots that we are "Remembering [poor, innocent] Gabby" while vilifying the "[White, male] Devil in the Details". That guido Laundrie is already tried and convicted in the media, whether he killed her (and himself) or just walked out on the psycho bitch. Yeah, it's a [White] man's world, alright.

  2. Robert Orians

    Interesting analogy . But yes , I have seen several acutely aware bloggers recently saying that it is too quiet and the spidey senses are tingling as mine also have been for a week or so . Get up in the morning and search the web for clues . Something is coming down the pike !

  3. Mike Guenther

    What other things were going on during the Chandra Levy mess politically? Was the news really that slow during that time…or was the MSM just cherry picking what stories to cover.

    It's not like we have a shortage of news now. The crisis at the border, the protests over mandatory vaccinations, the newest foreign policy blunders by the Biden administration; all of these things are important news as well, but perhaps getting scant reporting by the main stream.

  4. BigCountryExpat

    Chick went missing May of 2001. The big news (besides this) was the whole "Is Bush Legit?" and questioning the election decision STILL. The audit in the Puzzle Palace of where like two trillion had gone? (Interesting that the office that got Vaporized on 9-11 there was the office doing the audit iddnit Aye?) So, lots of minor 'stuff' poppin' but the thing -I'm- watching is the Evergrande collapse in Chy-na. Construction and the like ac counts for 16% of ALL of Joe Chinks economy, and the cross contamination might be the beginning of the crash…

    "May you live in interesting times" INDEED!

  5. Skipperdaddy

    I’ve noticed this as well with the Gabby story. Dominating Fox, which I only go to for a reference. Top 3 leads are about her. Border crisis, Affy, and so forth on the side bar. Its called entertainment news. Gee I sure hope Brittany gets her money soon…..

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