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California Schemin’

More insanity from Kalifornia….

I get the “job, family, friends” excuse but none of those are going to be of much comfort with this sort of nonsense going on. If you still live there you should be working toward moving out with every waking moment. 
Things are quiet nationally but make no mistake, they didn’t forget about gun control. They look at Australia with little chubbies watching the cops beat up unarmed civilians with impunity and you know damn well they want that for us here in the U.S.. The one and only thing standing in their way? 80 million gun owners with 400 million guns.


  1. Mike Austin

    “Gun Control” is the sine qua non of the communist takeover of the US. Without it, communism will fail. They will do what is necessary—and laws be damned—toward this end.

    But consider: even so draconian a measure as that noted in the video runs into problems. Almost 5 million Californians own guns, more than 1 in 7 of the total population. That’s a lot of folks for companies—insurance, banking and so on—to refuse service. Same goes with employment. Not impossible, just really difficult and probably self-defeating.

    And remember, that figure lists only the registered guns. Any guess what the real number of guns is?

    Even with the ‘doxing’ of every gun owner, the problem for the communists still exists: how to get those damn guns. And it seems that the more pressure applied by the government, the more guns are sold, worsening the problem for the government.

    It was mentioned that criminals would now know which residences have guns, and they would try and steal them. What? What sort of criminal would break into a home where the owner is armed? Sure, it could happen but I doubt that this would affect the crime rate at all. It would certainly make gun-free homeowners feel less secure—quite the “unintended consequence”.

    As for California being a harbinger for future America—and we have heard this for decades—the reverse is true, at least for guns. More and more states have eased up on gun laws, and, according to Wikipedia—hardly a conservative place—“As of 2021, almost all US states allow for open carry either without a permit or with a permit/license.” Compare this to where we were 20 years ago. It seems that any “California effect”, at least for guns, is working the other way.

    I would guess that those who could leave California have already done so. The signs of the times have been readily obvious there for some decades now. Those who stayed behind for whatever reason might come to feel as white South Africans d today.

  2. jl

    As a life long Californian this concerns me greatly, but comes as no surprise. I'm afraid that if the .gov keeps pushing like this, the citizens will stop caring about the Doxx lists, they'll just bring out all thier hardware for some kinetic show & tell… At that point I dont think TPTB will be too pleased with their "research" results. Despite what the MSM and the .gov would have you believe, there are a LOT of really pissed off Californians right now…with the pressure relief valve clamped down tight and the burners on high. We all expected Gruesome to go full-retard after his glorious "victory" in the recall and I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. How we were overrun by this band of petty tyrants, I'll never understand.

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