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Back To Back!

Congratulations are in order as the U.S. just passed 500 mass shootings this year, the second in a row!

The GVA does good work tracking this but they avoid looking too closely at who is doing the mass shootings because their intended audience doesn’t want to hear that.
Regular people don’t see this but our cities are absolute shooting galleries. According to HeyJackass!, Chicago hit 500 murders and then in short order went over 600 murders for the year.

It didn’t have to be like this. It wasn’t always like this. The state of affairs we see right now is the result of intentional and malevolent planning. The cosmopolitan elite wanted this. 
Someday soon a day of reckoning will come for them. I hope I am still around to watch the show.


  1. Anonymous

    I still remember the University Of Texas bell tower mass shooting back on August 1, 1966. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  2. Arthur Sido

    The thing about that shooting is that it was so rare and people remember it, but these shootings? No one will remember the ones that happened last weekend by next weekend, mostly because of who is doing the shooting.

  3. Anonymous

    Does anyone really think that "gun control" would stop ferals from killing other ferals? Remove guns completely, and they will resort to knives. Outlaw knives and they will beat one another to death with baseball bats. Ban baseball bats and they will use razor blades, bricks, toasters, sharpened sporks, piano wire, their own poo. Only after anything more lethal than a roll of Charmin has been outlawed and they STILL find ways to murder one another will the most enlightened among our betters finally realize, Holy shit! IT WASN'T TEH GUNS AFTER ALL!

  4. Justin_O_Guy

    That guy had a brain tumor.
    The shooting gallery world is, IMO,the result of society not offering opportunity, schools intentionally being made worthless, God removed, the more the left win, the worse things are.

  5. Anonymous

    The US is ranked at the op in murders per capita until you take the deep blue areas out of the equation. We fall to near last on that list. We do not have a murder problem , we do not have a race problem, we do not have a sexist problem, we do not have a phobia problem. We do have a democrat problem.

  6. Arthur Sido

    Vermont is a deep blue state but it is also one of, maybe the, safest in the country. Why is that? Because it is also one of the Whitest states. There are lots of Democrats in White neighborhoods in Chicago, but the murders only happen in black neighborhoods. Democrats make it worse but ultimately the problem is black on black violence running unchecked.

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