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Africanizing The American Outdoors

The Zman posts lots of content behind the Subscribestar paywall and it often deals more with pop culture than political stuff. The latest post was the Zman reflecting on a college football game he was watching on TV. Like him, I never watch TV and also like Z, I have noticed that if your understanding of America was based on commercials you might think our country was like 60-70% black instead of 13%. He also noted something that got me thinking….

The Africanizing of all TV ads is ridiculous, but it offers some amusing bits. One of the ads was from Bass Pro Shops. It was vibrant and diverse in ways that were so ridiculous it felt like satire. I have hunted and fished all over the country and I can count on one hand the number of times I experienced diversity. It is always white guys and usually middle-aged white guys. I’ve never seen a black guy coming out of the woods with a bow or a shotgun. I don’t know if they exist.
I have noticed this as well. Because I shop from hunting and fishing places, I get lots of catalogs and it seems that ever since 2020 the catalogs are incredibly “diverse” even though in general the kind of stuff I am buying is almost exclusively done by White people. So just for fun I went to some websites of high end, super-Aryan outdoors sports gear providers. I just chose brands I knew, I didn’t cherry pick to get the results I wanted. Here is what I saw….
First from Orvis, famous for fly fishing and wingshooting.

I have been fly fishing and wingshooting my entire life, and we have been Orvis customers for just as long. Never seen a single black guy engaged in the sport. Plus Orvis stuff is super expensive and is clearly styled and geared toward Boomer age and older White people. No black person would be caught dead in their stuff.
Next up, Filson. They are a very high end gear company, making some of the very best outdoor gear for rugged conditions anywhere.

A Filson tincloth jacket, one of their bread and butter items, looks like this:

That guy will set you back $475. Clearly this is not aimed at the average urban dweller. I doubt more than a tiny percentage of White people have heard of Filson and the number of blacks who have even heard of the brand is probably essentially zero.
Let’s go to Maine and check on L.L. Bean.

Have you ever seen a black guy dressed like that? And again, L.L. Bean clothing, flannel shirts and khaki chino pants and duck boots, are designed to appeal to older White people.
Just for fun, I went to Barbour, a British company that makes very expensive waxed cotton outerwear.

Maybe black guys in the UK wear $530 waxed cotton coats but not in America. Barbour makes the stuff you wear if you are out fly fishing or shooting driven pheasants. Great stuff, just not styled for blacks.
You get the point. The demographic of the customer base of these companies is overwhelmingly White guys like me. But their website and catalog all show a bunch of black guys. Why would you show your customers catalogs and websites that have a completely different demographic and moreover one your customers know isn’t reflective of them? You wouldn’t go to a clothing company that caters to young blacks and see a bunch of elderly Asian women on their website.
These companies are all taking their direction from marketing agencies who tell their customers that they need to be more “diverse”. They are selling a political image, rather than showcasing their merchandise. It doesn’t make me want to wear a Filson coat more because of a black guy on a horsie on their website. Kinda does the opposite.
There isn’t a place in our culture that isn’t being intentionally portrayed as anti-White. Whites, when they do appear in advertising and pop culture, are portrayed as either morons or evil or often as both. There isn’t much you can do about it other than refusing to consume the anti-White drivel being shoved in your face.


  1. Great Scott

    I find it hilarious. I am in Bass Pro Shop or similar stores quite often.
    Even in Florida I do not see anyone offshore fishing or bird hunting that are not white.
    Now fishing in canals with cane poles is a little more diverse.

  2. Anonymous

    It's not just in retail advertising. Only yesterday, I had to complete company-mandated ethics-and-compliance training via two online courses for my employer, one of the Big Three in defense. You would swear that blacks, women, east Asians and middle easterners OWN high tech, from the number of well-dressed, professional non-White-men portrayed throughout the training. They are obviously very concerned about ethics and compliance, too, relative to White men, if those staged vignettes taught me anything.

    There IS one area of the training where White men are overwhelmingly represented – the sections on espionage, insider threat and cyber crimes. All but one person portrayed as the evildoer in each depiction was a White man, with the exception of a lone, sad-looking blonde White woman leaning on the bars of her jail cell.

    Message received, MF-ers. We White men are your salvation, carrying the load for your diversity-promoting, affirmative action-heavy workforce, which would otherwise sink under it's own weight from the sheer number of underperforming trophy hires. But we are taken for granted, insulted and dismissed, while our betters fawn over the latest indignant freak promoted far beyond his/her/its meager ability.

    Just let me off the ride, mama. I'm gonna be sick.

  3. Skipperdaddy

    Yea, gave up the tv years ago, just as well, they don't make tv for us anymore. All the commercials were black dude with a white woman and mixed kids, never the other way around. Before I retired I went to Bass Pro a lot, and I mean a lot, I remember walking in one time with my son and I saw a black family and said,” I’ll be damn, never seen a black dude in here before if he wasn't working.” L L Bean back in the day had some top shelf stuff, that ship sailed. The King of Woke going fucking broke is Dicks, I wont even go in there to take a dump.

  4. Arthur Sido

    LL Bean is like a lot of these places, they got away from actual working gear and into "lifestyle" stuff. Last time I was in a Cabelas it was overwhelmingly cheaply made clothing with their logo on it.

  5. E M Johnson

    pointed this out to wife a while back. she doesn't get the 2nd and 3rd order effects of prpoganda like this. most normies eyes glaze over if you mention how ALL content on tv, cable, advertising is "programming" . Same with hr depts at work

  6. Anonymous

    I read somewhere not too long ago that blacks do not have any love for the outdoors due to the presence of trees, which somewhere deep in their simian hindbrains puts them in mind of lynching. No, don't laugh. This was actually put forth as a serious explanation for why you don't run across many homeboys and -girls on the hiking paths or online shopping at L.L. Bean. That, and the fact that they look stupid in flannel.

  7. Mike Guenther

    Just saw an ad yesterday for a new comedy TV show that is a remake of "The Wonder Years", a show about a kid coming of age in the late 60's, early 70's.

    The reboot, as they call it, will be the same premise, but with a middle class black boy and his nuclear family. Basically The Cosby Show all over again.

  8. Mike Austin

    I've been hiking, backpacking, camping and bikepacking for 35 years. Never—not once—did I ever see a black man.

    I was once called for jury duty and so had to make my way to the courthouse. Saw lots of them there.

  9. Anonymous

    Not on a jury, though, right? I've been called numerous times for jury duty through the years, but never even once saw a black in the jury applicant pool. They ignore their "civic duty', yet complain bitterly when they get convicted of their numerous crimes.

  10. LGC

    episode 1. dad goes out for milk, doesn't come back.

    episode 2. mom introduces the kids to their new uncle.

    episode 3. uncle goes out for milk, doesn't come back.

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