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What Has Gone Before Is Unimportant. What Comes Next Is Critical.

The parallels between the interwar Weimar Republic in Germany and modern America are well documented and the comparison is mostly solid, given the technological and demographic differences. Both were marked by rampant degeneracy, economic uncertainty, social tensions and of course rampant inflation. Weimar didn’t last long but in the aftermath came something quite different, something that changed the course of Western civilization. The question facing the observer of Western decline today should be: what comes next?

Every honest student of contemporary affairs can tell that the Western style of liberal democracy fueled by a capitalism-socialism fusion is on it’s last legs. We can see the race to keep printing new “money” to stay ahead of inflation will eventually collapse on itself. The only reason it hasn’t fallen completely apart yet is the lack of a system wide shock but we are overdue for one and when it happens, the whole house of cards falls. 

In interwar Germany, as the Weimar Republic rolled around in degeneracy like a pig in shit, two competing forces were vying to replace it. Neither wanted to control the Weimar Republic, they wanted to remake it into something else.
Everyone knows about the one side. 

The desperation of the German people after World War I and seeing their beloved Fatherland sinking into public degeneracy made many Germans willing to try something, anything, different that would restore Germany to her rightful place as a world power. The Weimar Republic was a giant power vacuum. Into that vacuum strode a man who would become the most famous figure of the 20th century.

Hitler’s Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or  National Socialist German Worker’s Party, more commonly known as the Nazi Party, promised a restoration of Germany’s former glory through a focus on workers and families and German pride. His vision was both past and future focused, recalling the many years of German power and promising a future with a thousand year Reich.
We all know, or at least think we know, how that went and how it ended. What most people don’t know is that Hitler and the Nazi party were not working in opposition to just the existing government of the Weimar Republic.
In 1918 Germany was roiled by the November Revolution. This came shortly on the heels of the Russian revolution that saw the transformation of Russia into the USSR under Communism. Something similar was happening in Germany with the rise of the Spartacus League and the subsequent Communist Party Of Germany. Their intent was to replicate the Russian revolution in Germany, transforming her into a Western European version of the Soviet state. Had they succeeded, who knows how history would have played out but you can bet it would have been bad. The combined German and Russian forces would have been unbeatable and likely all of Europe would have fallen, and much of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Imagine the Soviet Union but stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from Scandinavia to South Africa. It would have been a very different world indeed. In Germany at this time there was open conflict between the Communists and the Nazi “brownshirts” in the streets.
We still see some of the vestiges of this conflict today. The modern far Left paramilitary group loosely organized under the umbrella of “antifa”, which is supposedly short for “anti-fascist”, uses the language and iconography of the militant wing of the German Communist Party of that era which called itself Antifaschistische Aktion. Photos from that era show the “antifa” flag flying side by side with the Communist hammer and sickle.

The modern reincarnation of Antifaschistische Aktion uses the same basic symbolism.

I am not sure how many garden variety idiots with antifa slogans on social media understand this but the people who organized antifa and chose that symbol? They understand.
Back to my point. I am not looking to lionize the Sturmabteilung in this post nor of course Antifaschistische Aktion. My point is that these two groups looked past the current system and sought to replace that system with a brand new system, at some level both groups understanding that the system was doomed and irredeemable. It wasn’t reform they were after, it was revolution. 
We find ourselves in a similar era. Despite the obvious differences, the similarities cannot be ignored. People are frightened of what the future holds. Gone is any sense of sunny American optimism, replaced with dread of more economic insecurity, violence in the cities and the apparently now permanent state of panic over the plandemic. Most Americans don’t trust the election system, and increasingly the political divide has morphed into a visceral hatred of “The Other”. The language of violence is already rampant and getting steadily worse from the Left. A few weeks ago a person named Steve Cox running as an independent for Congress from California wrote that people who choose not to get the “vaccine” should be shot.

The original tweet is gone but his account with over 16,000 followers is still active. Or this person:

Oh, forcible participation in medical experiments. Where have I heard that before?

The entire society is teetering on the edge of widespread economic and social collapse and almost no one is still dumb enough to look to the governing authorities or any other institution for help. What exists today is dead and the only question that remains is what will replace the dead system? This requires a very different way of thinking:
We are not fighting for the right now, we are fighting for the future.
Who wants to win a fight to take over a dead and decaying system? The winners of this conflict will get to set the course for what remains of Western society, for good or ill, for the foreseeable future.
What happened in the past isn’t that critical right now and what is happening right now isn’t terribly important either. You can’t change the past and everyone reading this blog has basically no control over what is going on right now. The crap in Afghanistan is outrageous but what are you going to do about it? Send a strongly worded letter to your Congressman? Strap on your $3000 AR set up and jump into Afghanistan? Yeah right.
But what you can have a real impact on is the future. 
It might not seem like it but you really can, certainly far more so than your ability to change the course of the present. Recall that Hitler tried to stage a coup early on, the “Beer Hall Putsch” and ended up in jail, where he penned Mein Kampf. It was a struggle for basically a no one to go from lowly enlisted man to jailed dissident to the leader of the Third Reich. It is obvious but it needs to be said that I again am not advocating for a new Hitler but simply am pointing out the historical parallels and how understanding history can change the course of the future. 
Current events are important of course and those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them but our focus should be on shaping what is to come, rather than seizing the reins of power in the right-now. As the saying goes, we aren’t going to vote our way out of this but grassroots organizing and creating both a physical and intellectual foundation to control the course of the future absolutely is feasible. 
Being a dissident in 2021 means understanding that the present war is already lost but the war for the future is just beginning.


  1. Eaton Rapids Joe

    Often, it is not the disease that kills you but the cytokine storm the disease triggers.

    My money is on Pelosi and company coming back from break and all kinds of chaos being unleashed to provide a smoke-screen so the Dems do not get slaughtered in the 2022 elections.

    Your mileage will vary.

  2. Trueblue

    I agree. Unfortunately we can't get any of the elected "republicans" to steer the ship back to freedom. I'm ready for them to try and force me into covid camps. It would be nice if the DC mouthpieces would earn their pay and remove the tyranny from their offices.

  3. Peggy Porter

    Will a future post go into details about how to go about this "grassroots organizing and creating"? What can we actually DO, right now, in addition to pressuring local governments and school boards about mandates, CRT, etc.? (That is important, of course.)

  4. Squach

    My suggestion would be to read the series "Radical Book Club" – it has a lot, a lot, of material that basically boils down to, read the books the radical left has published on how to organize movements, and use them yourself. Lots of stuffing envelopes and doing boring conference calls but, the proof is in the pudding.

  5. TheObsoleteMan

    Forget politics, all that is, is theater. A smoke screen for what is right around the corner: The collapse of the supply chain. I know this is only months away, because I have family that work in intra-state transportation {fancy word for "trucking"}. Each week the trailers are lighter, because what is on the manifest ISN'T on the trailer, hell it's not even at the Port of Long Beach! If this continues much longer, and it sure seems to be a trend, because this has been going on for sometime now, the situation is going to get ugly. Please understand: This does NOT apply to MOST foodstuffs and Ag products. Those are grown locally, and that is doing just fine, with one hitch: INFLATION. The real rate is 13% according to John Williams, and if this too continues, there will be REAL problems. These are the kinds of things that bring down governments. And start World Wars {to distract people from the real causes}. The current administration either has no plan for dealing with these crisis es, or they are orchestrating them. Order out of chaos. If you and your family can't afford the food, even though it is plentiful, what are you going to do? Most will demand the government "do something", and believe me, they will. Just not what most expect. If you have any friends or family that are reservist, keep an eye on them, if they get called up, this is your first tip that things are spiraling out of control. There is a reason why Biden called the troops out of Afghanistan so quickly like they did. The only question is, what does he need the troops for? The Chinese, the Iranians, or us?

  6. Jim Wetzel

    I sympathize with your desire for a reset to the founding era, complete with the understanding that the voting franchise is limited to White male property-owners, US Senators are selected by the state legislatures, etc. That would be a good thing, as it would probably yield another couple of centuries of relatively tolerable conditions. But, as our host says, it's not going to happen; and, even if it did, don't kid yourself that it would be anything like permanent. In Washington's time, the Whiskey Rebellion was put down by military force; and by the 1860s, a mere "fourscore and seven years" after the founding, Dishonest Abe drove the stake into the heart of the confederation of sovereign states that the founders intended.

    As they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    But if you can bring back America 1789, that's fine with me. I'm a Christian, and that informs my view that every human arrangement short of the Millennial Kingdom is doomed, ultimately, to failure. We are fallen and corrupt, and that's one of the consequences. All I ask (and it's a big ask, I know) is a societal arrangement that is mostly tolerable, will last for a century or so, and will allow individual people to live pretty much as they please … a quiet life that permits one to serve God, or not, as he may decide.

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