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What A Co-Inky-Dink!

As The Usurper Joe prepares to humiliate himself on live TV once again during a speech about the Afghanistan debacle….

…there was other news that was released today and it is completely unrelated and not an attempt to distract the people….
SNAP is also known as EBT and more commonly as “food stamps” even though actual stamps haven’t been used for a long time. A 30% increase is pretty significant. The reasoning given is that Americans need more money to buy “healthy meals” but there is nothing requiring food stamp recipients to spend their money on healthy food so this will likely just mean 30% more Mountain Dew and Ding Dongs per month.
Coincidence that this lame attempt at bribing the 42 million Americans on food stamps happens as even the leftist media is scorching Biden for his ineptitude and absence while this fiasco in Afghanistan unfolds? I think not. 
Also note I have been predicting that we will enter into an inflationary cycle where endless government spending causes prices to rise which in turn increases the demand for increased government spending. Grocery prices have been going up all year from what I can tell and therefore this massive increase in food stamp allotments is being used to offset food price inflation, which will then increase spending on food, leading to more increases in prices which will necessitate even more increases in EBT to keep up. If you are a sap and pay for groceries out of pocket? Sucks to be you because food prices are going up, up, up! 
Obvious lame attempt at distraction is obvious. 


  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, that's what poor, non-White Americans need. 30% more empty calories. Some 70% of black females in this country are obese. Not just overweight, but obese. The left won't be satisfied until that reaches the 100% mark, it would seem.

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