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We Were The Goods Guys! Weren’t We?

While many norms and cultural beliefs have evaporated or mutated over the past quarter century, one absolute article of faith remains: we were the good guys in World War II. Sure we firebombed women and children in Dresden and Tokyo, and dropped a couple of atom bombs on women and children at Hiroshima and Nagasaki but that is Ok because they started it. They had it coming. Anyway we won and made the world “safe for democracy” so that makes it OK. Eggs and omelets. 

While not here to rehash that, Black Pigeon Speaks has a new and very disturbing video that looks at one of the most forbidden topics concerning World War II: the rampant rape of German women by the Red Army as they rampaged across Germany and into Berlin.

Thanks to a media and entertainment blackout of this topic, combined with the endless propaganda portraying anything to do with Germany as the ultimate evil, very few people know about this and of the ones who do know, they just don’t care thanks to the caricaturization of the German people as the embodiment of evil.
It took the combined forces of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. to defeat Germany. Either one alone wouldn’t have been enough. The question we should ask is this: was it worth it to get into bed with a monster like Stalin to “liberate” Europe? I used to think I knew the answer but now? Let’s just say my opinion has changed pretty radically. 


  1. Anonymous

    I read a cery long article on Hitler's attack on the USSR. A lot of evidence seems to say that he did it because stalin was preparing to attack germany.

    Getting into bed with stalin was never the right thibg to do. Also all the materials and associated tech we gave them allowed them to boot strap their tech base. No different than clinton giving tech to china.


  2. George True

    I read that article too. The sources that it cited seemed pretty much unimpeachable to me. And Stalin would most likely not have stopped with just Germany. The Soviet Commies wanted to spread International Communism across all of Europe.

    The reason that operation Barbarossa was initially so successful was because the Soviet armed forces were positioned for an all-out invasion into Germany. They were not positioned at all in any kind of a defensive posture, as you would normally expect if they were intent on defending their own border and territory. Hitler essentially pre-empted their invasion by invading them first, and it caught them utterly and totally by surprise.

  3. Arthur Sido

    They were mostly peasant boys who endured some awful ugliness and then were turned loose on women and children. I guess the results were predictable, plus I imagine there was more than a little of that going on by our side.

  4. Anonymous


    Another view point from way back.

    Gruesome Harvest
    By Ralph Franklin Keeling ยท 1947

    Keeling maybe a saint or villain, but he does discribe what had happen during that time.
    I was not there, we can only read others view points today as to what was happening then.
    When you travel the rabbit hole, shit happens.

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