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These Never Stop Being Funny

Generic leftie reporter goes to gun range, having never shot anything bigger than a .22, rents an AR. Hilarity ensues. 

The reporter in question is Kevin McCallum writing for Seven Days, some leftist rag in Vermont. Here is Kevin….

Why do these guys always look like the same guys you see on predator registry websites?
You can probably guess how this is going to go. 
The article is pretty generic until he gets to the end where he recounts his borderline sadomasochistic experience of firing that thunder cannon, the AR-15. 
A deep shock wave coursed through his body? A meteor strike? The recoil of a 5.56 round has “astounding power”? Was he shooting an AR or having an orgasm? Wait, don’t answer that. This guy was terrified of the mighty recoil of the same rifle 18 year old girls are issued in basic training.

I guess they must load their rounds hotter than the ones I have because while it would be pretty loud in an indoor range, the recoil on an AR is negligible compared to an AK or most deer rifles. Someone should let that sissy shoot a 30-06.
Just remember that when they talk about loading the “unvaccinated” into cattle cars and shipping us to gulags, these are the people that think they are going to make you get on the train.


  1. Anonymous

    If he finds 223 excessive a 308 would make him cry, a 45/70 would make him soil himself and a 600NE would send to his therapist…. because you know he's the kind to have one on speed dial.

    Yes he's the kibd to want you loaded onto a bix car but he's certainly not the obe to want to get his hands dirty, he expects others to do that for him.


  2. Arthur Sido

    I just kept thinking, I was one step away from entering officer school after college and at the intake center where they do your physical there was a girl with her school letter jacket on, carrying a teddy bear. That girl was going to be shooting a rifle this guy was terrified of. What a phag.

  3. Anonymous

    a long time ago, ii taught my daughter how to fire the m16 on full auto. I was one of many guys running the range that day (sat) and had no one to watch the kids (single dad ) the guys loved the kids
    being there, the kids had a ball. emma wearing a steel pot WAY TOO BIG FOR HER 12 YEAR OLD HEAD. did
    fine. I unhooked the sling, had her stand on the end with her foot and she dumped a 20 round mag into the target with no problem. a buddy took a picture that he gave me later, it since went to her
    and sit over the mantle of her home (married with kids) so, what the big deal ? what a wuss !

  4. jl

    Yep, my thoughts exactly. He went waaaay overboard trying to make an AR sound scary and wicked. Imagine the fury he'd receive if he wrote "went and shot a so-called "assault rifle" and had a hell of a great time with it! Now I understand why they're so popular!" His editor would have fired him on the spot. Just another shit-weasel trying to advance their BS narrative. F him and the rag he rode in on.

  5. Anonymous

    If he fired my AR pistol (10.5", in 5.56) he'd be deaf & blind as well as traumatized, judging by his reaction to a normal- (probably carbine-) length one.
    –Tennessee Budd

  6. Mike Hendrix

    Man, the single most painful rifle I ever shot was a German 10mm bolt-action, from the late-WW1 era. Can't remember the make, it belongs to a good friend of mine; God only knows where he got it from, he has a quite amazing collection of really off-the-wall rarities in his gun collection. Damned thing left a huge red-purple-green bruise that ran from my shoulder across and over the right side of my chest. Took almost a week before it even partially faded, and hurt like a brass-plated BITCH too. My friend laughed and laughed at me.

  7. Arthur Sido

    I remember my dad getting a really nice 12 Spanish 12 gauge side by side, AyA, with zero padding on the stock and shooting a round of sporting clays with it, which is 100 shots. When we got home his whole shoulder was black and purple.

  8. Jim Wetzel

    Yeah, an AR firing .223 / 5.56 has got to be the least-punishing rifle this side of … well, a Ruger 10-22 carbine, I guess.

    Speaking of the .30-06: you may recall selling a Mauser M18 in that caliber to a pudgy old bald guy, here a while back. After I got a scope on it, out to the range I went to zero it. Knowing that .30-06 is reputed to be a fairly authoitative round, I had also taken the precaution of installing one of these slip-on Limb Saver recoil pads. So, I got it sighted in, and, while I didn't have to guess when it had fired, I found it agreeable, and a fun rifle to shoot, putting them into an inch-and-a-half circle at a hundred yards, time after time. Went through a box of 25 rounds, went home, cleaned the weapon and put it away. Next morning: oooooh, that's sore … and a real purty bruise, too. Current rule for that Mauser at the range: 15 rounds per session is my "speed limit." I do likes me that gun, though!

  9. Sabre22

    This thing might have an XY chromosome combination BUT this individual is not a male, neither is this individual a female. This individual's new personal pronoun is an IT. Children Shoot AR's Old ladies shoot ARS. This IT freaks out. It should commit Seppuku if it's Mommy lets It touch sharp objects.

  10. Anonymous

    back in the early 1990's i had a chance to shoot a 50 cal. barlett , fired 3 or 4 rounds thru it.
    passed it back over as my shoulder had enough. went back to my 308 mauser rifle, that i can shoot all day long. and I used to shoot trap as well back then. when ammo was a lot cheaper too.
    grandson did fine this summer with the 1911's putting most of all in the black. he doesn't like
    185 grain plus p rounds much though. but the 230 grain lead over 4.4 grains of bullseye he can shoot
    as long as grandpa loads the mags for him. the asshole is just that a asshole.

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