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Their Word Is Good

Back in May I posted about the long process of getting my new Palmetto State Dagger 9mm Glock clone: What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been

Along the way PSA had promised to upgrade all of our orders to the threaded barrel but when it came time to ship the pistol, they didn’t have the threaded barrel so it was promised as a future deliverable.
That future was today:
I don’t really need or want the extra barrel but I also ain’t going to turn down a free extra barrel. Between the extra barrel and the free stripped lower, Palmetto State probably lost money on every Dagger they sold in that initial run but they made their screw-up right and that means a lot in 2021.
You can get them now, they come back into stock around 4 PM EST and are sold out in a couple of minutes but it is worth picking one up for $299. Here is a full review of the Dagger from a Guntuber….

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