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The Latest Sign Post On The Road To Destruction

We are now at a precarious point where Whites are a bare majority overall and that majority is evaporating fast. The most populous state in the Union is only 1/3 White but California is not alone. Texas is also reporting a seismic shift in racial demographics.
Texans of color accounted for 95% of the state’s population growth. The 2020 census puts the state’s population at 29,145,505 — a 16% jump from 25.1 million in 2010. Hispanic Texans were responsible for half of that increase.

Non-Hispanic white Texans now make up just 39.8% of the state’s population — down from 45% in 2010. Meanwhile, the share of Hispanic Texans has grown to 39.3%.
Whites are now essentially tied with mestizos for the majority in the state of Texas. Still think Texas will always be a Republican stronghold? 
This is of course celebrated by the same people who live lives of extravagance and comfort thanks to being fortunate enough to be born in a civilization founded by White people. The wealthy and powerful in America would die inside of 24 hours in most non-White nations but they waste no time pissing on the grave of the people who gave them or their forefathers shelter. For example the reliably anti-White Jewish blogger Jennifer Rubin.

Who is the “we” she is talking about? The majority of the people in the non-White “we” despise her people almost as much as they hate White people. If she thinks they are going to get special treatment, she is going to be in for a rude surprise.
I am not sure I can even comprehend what a radical shift this has been, and just in my lifetime.

As recently as 1980 the United States was 80% White and has never in our history prior to 1980 been lower than that percentage. At 57.8% that is a decline as a percentage of the population of over 22%. For more than 200 years, a time period that saw America go from a new nation to the world’s greatest country, America was understood to be a White nation with people of European ancestry. To be American was to be White. Today what exactly are we besides 350 million consumers united by little else?
This is one of the milestones that are harbingers of very hard times indeed. With our people about to be demographically swamped by people from the Third World on one hand, and a malevolent alien cosmopolitan elite allied with Quislings from our own people on the other, we are beset on all sides with no friends or allies other than each other. 
I commented this morning on John Wilder’s post, Remember: Your Mission Isn’t Done.
My mission is to secure the existence of our people and a future for my children and those of my people. 
That sounds a lot like a fairly well known sentence. I don’t care and I haven’t for years. These days I don’t care about being a good citizen, a productive member of society, a “conservative”, a proud American or any of that bullshit. I care about protecting me and mine and those of my people who have not bent the knee. That is all and the rest go to hell for all I care. Almost no one else gave two shits about preserving this nation so it didn’t go down the drain, and it is whether I try to stop it or not, so I quit trying. Today I am all about hardening my body and my heart, freeing my mind and getting as ready as I can for what is coming. 
I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want it. None of us with any sense do. But it is coming whether we want it to or not. We have each other and that is going to have to be enough but without one another, we are doomed. 


  1. Anonymous

    This is similar to the conversation i had with the wife. I'm more concerned with ensuring her and the kids survive whats coming than I am with trying to save the nation.


  2. x

    I remember once, as a child, where my dad said that I have no idea how luck I am to be male, white, and born in America.
    Now it seems I'm actively persecuted.
    My how things change.


  3. George True

    I am planning on getting the hell out of the big city (Phoenix) by year's end. I do not know yet where I will move to. I am only considering places with a vibrant demographic of less than three percent (African and Mestizo combined). I do not care if this is rayciss. I simply do not want to live the remainder of my life in continuous Defcon Three condition.

  4. Arthur Sido

    The sooner the better. There are a ton of places that have essentially no "diversity" to choose from, getting employment can be a little more challenging but your 401k balance won't help if you are dead.

  5. Anonymous

    Canada brings in interprovincial travel redtrictions. Our transport minister says no more interprovincial travel.

    A friend i sent this too is supposed to fly across provincial borders tomorrow. They called the airline to confirm if this is true as the minister announced it in an interview but its not on any news source or the government website. The airline said its partially in force, then asked them what ethnicity they are. When the friend asked why that matters they wete told certain ethnic groups are exempt.

    I checked around a spoke weasel for the feds says it will likely come into effect sometime before october 30th.

    The exact words the minister used was that the the vaxxx mandate will cover 'certain travellers'. That sounds unfriendly.


  6. Arthur Sido

    Which ethnic groups I wonder? "Indigenous" people probably and "refugees" but not Whites. There are rumblings of the same thing happening here, I am resigned to likely not flying again for some time or perhaps ever.

  7. Greg

    George True, and all, wherever you relocate or where you are now, better have resources, number 1 being water! Secondary, agriculture (small farms not big AG) and mom & pop scale industry. Third, a bit over gas tank distance from any urban area of size. Race will not matter as much if there are resources. I find many recent minority groups to have desirable traits and attitudes more like my grandfather's generation than contemporary white, carb eating, sports and porn watching, video game playing slobs called Americans today. Tribalism and ethnic warfare will occur rapidly where resources are scarce and require long logistical chains to arrive when the bad people in charge turn off the lights. Which they will very soon.

  8. Anonymous

    Actually they have pushed 1st nations to get the vaxxx really hard. On the res nearest me they have seen a 400% increase in heart attacks this year so far over all of 2020. Also the victims are usually younger and all had the vaxxx within the previous 24hrs. A doctor in BC reported the same thing on the reserve he serves and the feds threatened his license for reporting it.

    I think its muslims that will be exempt. One of the imans up here is saying don't get it to his followers, plus the minister is muslim, so likely thats who he's giving special pass to.


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