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The Internet Isn’t Real

Maybe an odd statement from someone who is online a ton and was an early adopter of the internet when many others didn’t even know what it was but this is some truth….

The internet is a fantasy world. Most of it only exists in your imagination. The real world is where things are going to go sideways, where you will have to make decisions to protect your family and your people. You aren’t going to save anyone by arguing with strangers on the internet, although trolling is permitted and encouraged in reasonable doses. 
Get offline, go outside, talk to real people.


  1. Ken

    I'm not one who likes to argue, period, unless it's an urgent matter, but I really don't get people who spend time arguing with strangers over the Internet. I've got many things way more worthy of my time.

    I grew up in the 80s, before computers and cell phones, thank God. Back when things were normal, and most people were sane.

    Arthur's advice to go offline, and deal in the real world, is simple yet profound. I can't tell you how many 'cell phone zombies' I see walking in public, eyes glued to their phones, or motorists who linger a long time at a stop sign because they just gave to check their phone. A lot of people are going to be devastated if/when the Internet goes down. Me, not so much.

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