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The Endless Vaccine

Even as the media tries to hush up the horrific side-effects of the coronavirus “vaccine” and squashing reports of huge numbers of “vaccinated” people still getting the ‘vid, we are now being told that the “vaccine” just isn’t good enough and apparently is wearing off so you have to get a “booster”. 

I am not a doctor but I don’t recall my childhood vaccinations wearing off after a few months.
Just imagine what it will be like in a couple of months when the weather gets colder and the flu Covid-19 starts to spike again. We can’t be far away from people getting an IV drip of the “vaccine” all day.

Some Catholics go to Mass twice a year. Some go every Sunday. But some go every day. Getting “vaccinated” is a religious ritual for these people and they just can’t get enough of it. 
Lockdowns. Shortages. Mask mandates. Proof of “vaccination” to travel on planes, trains and busses. It is all likely coming in just a few months so don’t squander this time.


  1. Anonymous

    I suspect that the interval between boosters will get shorter and shorter. I also have seen teporys that in the test rats it destroyed natural immunity till they eventually all died.

    Have you seen the reports about the mass child vaxx in Australia? If its true its insanely scary.

    Closer to home we in Canada will need a vaxport to travel by abything but personal car come october 1st. The restrictions are personal vehicles can not be far behind.


  2. Retired cop

    I had a friend who participated in the Moderna trial study. In August 2020 he received the first shot of Moderna and his long time lady received a placebo (they were told after trial ended). They completed the shot regimen. My friend, (fully vaccinated) spent three weeks in the hospital and died of Covid last week. He got about eleven months from the first shot.
    Granted he had health issues, 72, diabetes, and mildly overweight. But he was active and cautious.

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