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The Chipman Distraction

On the 2A front, it is all David Chipman, all the time. It is understandable. The guy is the poster child for D.C. gun grabbers plus he has the connection to the murderous rampage by Feds at Waco. Not to mention him being a solid contender for the title of Most Punchable Face In America*

Really, it would be hard to resist. 
Here is the other, really pertinent, thing about Chipman. He is great for fundraising. I get emails from pro-2A groups all day, every day, and most of them talk in increasingly hysterical terms about David Chipman and why he is such a threat and why that means you should send them more money. For our side he is Public Enemy Number One. 
Is Chipman terrible, both as the potential head of the ATF and as a human being? Absolutely. Should people who care about the Second Amendment oppose his nomination? Again absolutely and I wrote both of my Senators, Mike Braun and Todd Young, and both responded that they would oppose his nomination. Will it really matter? No and this is why…
There are 1000 potential candidates who can replace Chipman that are just as bad.
Face it, we aren’t getting a pro-2A director of the ATF. If Chipman fails to get confirmed by vote or by withdrawal, it isn’t like Biden’s handlers are going to say “Oh well, I wonder if Ted Nugent would like to head the ATF?”. No, they will just roll the next anti-2A rubber stamp for the gun control lobby out and that person will be confirmed. Someone is going to be confirmed by the Senate and whoever that is will be virulently anti-2A. “Elections” have consequences, even fake and gay stolen elections.
While I appreciate and financially support the efforts of pro-2A groups, I also try to be realistic. Sinking this much effort into opposing Chipman probably isn’t going to matter in the long run but it will use up a lot of money and effort. I don’t want to see this asshat become the director of the ATF, in fact I don’t want to see anyone become the director of the ATF because it should be disbanded. Be that as it may, there isn’t much that will stop the illegitimate regime in Coruscant from putting an anti-gun patsy in charge. 
My concern is that fighting Chipman is sucking all the air out of the room. There is a lot we should be doing right now, and maybe these pro-2A groups aren’t distracted by this but I suspect a lot of the rank and file absolutely are. Also I worry that even defeating Chipman will be viewed as some major victory and that the next nominee, who is already prepper and vetted, will not get the same opposition and the end result will be the same. 
Don’t lose sight of the big picture in the skirmishes. This is the most openly anti-2A “administration” in American history. Chipman isn’t the endgame, he is just a pawn and removing him from the board isn’t going to change much. You should be focused on realistic goals in light of the certainty of significant infringements on your right to keep and bear arms. Yes oppose Chipman, write your Senators, leave a comment about pending regulations for receivers and pistol braces but don’t lose focus on what is most important: preparing for life in a nation where exercising your inherent right as a human to self-defense is considered a crime.
* Not an incitement to actually punch him in the face.


  1. Skipperdaddy

    I’m telling you, that twerp has got the school teacher’s pet, snitch face if there ever was one. When I think about all those kids he murdered at Waco with glee, I would be pushing people out of my way to get to the front of the line. More, harder, faster, I aint getting any younger.

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