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That’s All Folks

Preferring to keep his head on his shoulders instead of a spike, Brave Sir Robin President Ashraf Ghani ran away.

With that this fiasco is about over, the only question is whether our troops have to fight street to street to keep the diplomats safe. Genius planning all around folks. High fives for everyone. 
A few weeks short of the 20th anniversary and things are right back as they were in Afghanistan only with the added bonus of the Taliban now being able to brag about defeating the U.S. and getting a ton of looted gear. At least they won’t be able to maintenance those Humvees and MRAPs for long.
Game over man. Game over.


  1. Anonymous

    China announced it is recognizing the Taliban as the legit government of Afghanistan.

    Want to bet they provide support and spares in exchange for mining rights?


  2. BigCountryExpat

    Diplomats? Fuck 'm. Let 'em exfil on their own. Besides… it's what the dimocucks did at Benghazi it's only an Embassy and the State Department full of Democrat donors… what difference does it make?

  3. millerized

    It's always ever been about natural resources. Period. Worlds biggest consumer is going to take those, eventually, the easy way: by paying for them. Pennies on the dollar, of course, but someone is getting money for them.

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