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Thank Goodness For Toxic Masculinity

Check this.
If those has been two lady cops, would they have been able to budge that car? Probably not. Even the chad old guy jumped in to help because that is what “toxic masculinity” teaches us: we are protectors and we lend aid when it is needed, no matter what. Without White toxic masculine men like these two…

….the same feminists screeching about “teh PATRIARCHY!” would be the sex slaves of some swarthy skinned fellas, and/or already have starved to death, been beaten to death or eaten by wild animals. White male toxic masculinity built the only civilization on Earth where women are given an equal seat at the table. 

Ungrateful people. Can’t stomach ’em.


  1. Anonymous

    The cry of a woman in distress used to be a call to arms to those of us who grew up when chivalry was exalted and chivalrous men were heroes. But today? Not so much. Now when I hear a shriek and turn to see what the trouble is, I make a series of split-second decisions based on the scene and its major players.

    I will come to the aid of a small child, or someone very elderly, without hesitation.

    If it's conflict between non-Whites, I turn on my heel (NHI, as the cops say). If it's a mudshark and her baby daddy, you lost me years ago, honey.

    Sad to say it, but I would abandon an obvious White feminista to her fate in almost all circumstances, too. I've seen far too many White Knights get burned to suppose that there is any percentage in giving that demographic the benefit of the doubt. 'Ungrateful' does not even begin to cover it.

  2. McNasty

    Just to let you know the guy who made the above vid isn't really on our side. I went to his twitch after watching the vid and he says some stuff about brcc(because he is sponsered by them)and Kyle Rittenhouse that I didn't really care for. I shut his twitch off after hearing what he said.
    Just an fyi. I don't like people who don't really support us to make views off of our side.
    I know it's a little petty, but I have some code of honour.

  3. McNasty

    Good to hear. I feel the same way. Listening to his twitch stream made me angry yesterday so I had to turn it off.
    Then I stewed about it for awhile before I commented. I like people to know all the facts.
    Did you know the guy that owns black rifle coffee donated to democrats? You probably did. Know why? It was a bet. LOL Guess he's glad the bet wasn't to suck dick?
    Like why would you even take a bet like that? Why do something to help the enemy even if it was a joke? It boggles my mind.

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