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Some Big Brain Stuff

Very solid podcast from the Zman today, The Revolution Part II, big thinks going on while I listened, some lightbulbs turning on and some of those red strings suddenly intersecting. 

He has three segments and here are my snapshots from each.
– The Marxist sees history as inevitable. They believe the Marxist revolution leading to utopia will inevitably come to pass. The ominous point he made is that this is why they have no problem with visiting violence or death on their political opponents because they see us as standing in the way of the inevitable evolution to utopia. 
– A very interesting tying together of the ideas of Gramsci that led to what we are seeing the end stage of today, the “Long March Through The Institutions”. Gramsci apparently understood that you had to first control the institutions in order to change politics and economics and that is why we see the Left taking over one institution after another: schools, the churches, bureaucracy, entertainment and the military.
– Marxism as religion. The reason most people who read this who identify as Christians are Christians instead of another religion is that way back when in Europe, local leaders would convert and then that religion was basically imposed on everyone else. We see the same thing today. Our ruling class has adopted this new religion of Cultural Marxism and is now trying to force the rest of us into compliance.
All very good topics for thought. Give it a listen, it will only cost you an hour.

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