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Russkie Ruh Roh

This is just breaking but the State Department is apparently clamping down on Russia made and imported guns and ammo….

I will see if I can learn a little more about this but that is bad news for AK owners and all firearms owners as steel ammo prices are potentially about to explode. Steel might suck but it accounts for a lot of the total ammo sold so this would mean pressure back on brass case potentially.


  1. Anonymous

    Arthur, off topic but i have a question. I've seen a lot of mixed messages about storing ammo in a magazine. Everything from if you do you'll damage the spribg in days to you can leave it for 50 years with no adverse effects. Any thoughts?


  2. Arthur Sido

    My understanding from people I trust is that it doesn't hurt the mag at all. I generally keep most mags empty other than weapons I keep at the ready but it doesn't damage the spring.

  3. LGC

    boy remember the old days back when America still existed and we had the rule of law rather than one man's whim on what was allowed and not allowed from day to day?

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