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Our New Normal

At the same time that masks, no family get-togethers and experimental gene therapy are becoming the new norm, we also have a different normal in our urban areas and it looks and sounds like this….

Mass shooting confirmed on world-famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans, #Louisiana. #BourbonStreet

— Nikhil Choudhary (@NikhilCh_) August 1, 2021

Crowds fleeing in terror because 13% of our population has zero impulse control and apparently thinks shooting into a crowd is a reasonable response to being upset. Worse, no one in authority has the balls to point this out, either because they are terrified of being called “racist” or because they want this to happen to smooth the way for more gun control. Things are spicy so far this weekend in Chicago of course…

This is our life now, Africans shooting each other and their behavior leading to Americans being disarmed.

Never, ever give up your guns. Stay away from crowds. You know the drill.


  1. Anonymous

    It kind of sad. back in 1975, IT was a very nice place to see and enjoy. had a blast back then.
    then again one could say the same for most of europe too around that time. but where clean, people
    friendly and helpful. damn shame what time and assholes have done to most of the world these days.
    when people ask why I don't travel anymore, I tell them it not worth it these days.

  2. Anonymous

    europe is fucked with the german bitch did to it back in what 2012 or something. last time I looked at
    european news the whole place looked like something out of a horror movie for god's sake.
    paris was never spotless but it sure was a lot cleaner than it is now. back then we used to fight the
    "turks" as they where called. sport as it was on the weekends for gi's the germans didn't fight them. and from what I have seen on the "news" it looks like they better start fighting them or they will not have a country anymore. a lot of us learned advance knife fighting skills back then the hard way. I used to think they liked knives as most people tend to freeze when showed one. they where easier to get than guns back then. and like the "assholes" here, they tend to hunt in packs. back then, it wasn't safe to go downtown alone either. fun times for all !

  3. Great Scott

    I have not been to Europe in the last 8 or ten years. When I went to Paris in 2011 or 2o12 I thought I would have to fight my way to the Gar De North train station. Germany and the Netherlands were mainly African free back then. My last trip there not so much.
    Iceland is a better bet these days if you feel the need.

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