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Open Thread: Pod People

Internet is being hinky again tonight but I wanted to throw this out there. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately but some of the ones I used to listed to are either off-line completely or have gotten pretty stale and dumb. So my question to the multiverse: which podcasters do you listen to?

Right now I have bookmarked:
The Zman. Must listen material, every week plus the extra stuff I get because I give him some Subscribestar shekels. 
Myth of the 20th Century. Usually big brained but sometimes completely not worth listening to, especially if the co-host is dominating the conversation.
Fash The Nation. For those who like a little JQ humor in their podcast.
Exodus/Americanus. Normally solid, low key, not current events driven. Sometimes gets weird and of course badly.
The Political Cesspool. James Edwards is always solid and often has great guests.
A few others on occasion, Counter-Currents, Amren, VDARE.
So let me hear from you. Listening to smart people makes you smarter.


  1. John Wilder

    Way of the World (Bitchute – he's been spotty recently)
    Blackpilled (Bitchute – runs too long, a few nuggets in there, though)
    TIK History (history nerd in me)
    Critical Drinker

  2. jl

    The Survival Podcast w/ Jack Spirko. Listened to him daily for years, but havent really checked in on that ine for a year or more… Not really a "Survivalist" thing, much more broad content.
    Im also a fan of ZMan and Jocko. And while not a podcast, Henry Rollins has some great stuff on YouTube.

  3. 4hawks

    KTS Yukon on utube-(formerly BL Ranch) usually daily -Terrence Popp ( when he does one I relate with) Jocko and ZMan are good. NCScout@AP and cousin Sons of Liberty show there.-Reid Henrichs and Patriot Nurse sorta count as one, few and far between though. Sometimes I listen to Phil Robertson(Duck Commander) just cause I like him. M.D. Creekmore usually several times a week cause he reminds me of my brother in law, lol Tennessee smart though. I am far from a deep based religious believer but I get a balance listening to some of these folks and I like that, considering the times we're in. Kyle that does/did Survival Prepping for Normal people was a good listen when he was on utube but haven't heard him in a while. That's my 2 cents worth.

  4. Anonymous

    Michael Bane's weekly podcast "MBTV on the radio"

    I listen to it every week, but this week's podcast (halfway through it now) would probably resonate here, "Has the S hit the F"?
    It's not exactly what I thought it would be- short version and I'm not all the way through it but…
    he's recalling people he knew and or interviewed.
    Man 1 – Auschwitz survivor. "Why didn't you leave before all this"
    Woman 2- Bosnian survivor of rape and torture by Croats. "Why didn't you leave before it happened"?

    The common thread which we'll recognize is that it happened slowly, and no one thought things would go further than this whatever this week's thing is. By the time you realize the extent, it's too late to run. The Bosnian woman mentioned something that hits me and I think all of us- in her case she was captured tortured and raped by people she knew, whose children she had been a trusted babysitter for. When "all this" happened, "all that" in the past didn't matter, even to that previous personal connection.

    Has the S hit the F? Clearly we seem to be on a similar timeline running towards bad things. It could be that in the future when they look back on us now, they could easily be saying "the S hit the F all the way back in 2020, why didn't you leave before this happened"?
    I've heard these kinds of things before but hearing it this way with the interviews really makes you think…

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