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Oh We Are Doing This Again?

Come on.

Riiiggght. This included a number of the same clowns/Feds who were “plotting” to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen “Gianthead” Whitmer. I guess little Mike DeWine, useless Governor of Ohio, felt slighted by not being targeted by “extremists”. The article is very short but mentions:
The document also describes a conversation between Fox and an undercover agent on July 3, 2020 where Fox is said to have made a comment that the “consensus as of right now” is to take the capitol “by force.”
Yes, a dozen guys were going to “storm” the Capitol “by force”. The defense is saying that “the
government has used at least 12 informants in this investigation.” which means there weren’t very many actual “militia” members in this group. I assume again that the handful of losers who were getting strung along by the Feds were dragging their feet in carrying out the “attack” so the Fed bois ran out of patience, arrested them and have moved on to more fertile pastures.
Hey that bullshit story worked to scare the normies once, might as well trot it out again. 


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