Friday, August 13, 2021

No Bro, It Is Very Much Not Cool

When you are an FFL you get these sorts of emails. The name on the email sounds like what you expect. 

Either this really is a dumbass kid who thinks I am going to sell a 15 year old a firearm and somehow doesn't understand that I am a licensed dealer (who also has a bunch of guns listed so "the gun" doesn't narrow it down much) or it is an ATF glowie trying to entrap me into agreeing to sell a firearm to a minor. Regardless, "bro" it is not cool. 

At least it isn't another scammer email from Armslist, having to pay to contact sellers really cut down on those.


  1. I assume you told the idiot no he couldn't buy a gun. Or do you just ignore those sorts of messages?


    1. I just ignore them, responding seems to encourage them.