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Most Don’t Understand How Important This Might Be

For many years now Andrew Torba at Gab has been running an alternative social media platform that has been the target of constant attacks: media smears, DDoS attacks, being deplatformed multiple times, cut off over and over from the means of financing their operation. Again and again Gab comes back. They have become the poster child for why libertarian arguments about “just build your own X” in response to social media censorship is so incredibly stupid. Torba did build his own and has been under a coordinated assault ever since. 

The noose is tightening on dissidents. Just a week ago I wrote about the coordination between tech giants and other globohomo corporations to create a “White supremacist” counter-terrorism database ( Making A List, Checking It Twice ). Right now it is mostly tech stuff, social media and video hosting but it is a short walk to seeing banks and payment processors like Paypal joining in. With this database, something you post on a website could possibly be considered a violation of the terms of service for Paypal or a sufficient reason for your bank to decide they no longer want your business. The terminology to close your Paypal account is already built into their Acceptable Use Policy….(click to enlarge)

Plus we also saw that Paypal is joining with the Anti-Defamation League, ADL, to cut off funding to “extremists and hate movements”, code for “White people who won’t shut up”….
Lots of people with blogs use Paypal to take donations but if you show up on this database? See ya. If the ADL decides you are coloring outside of the lines when it comes to any topic referencing Jews? Gone. 
So it was great news to see that Torba is once again taking steps to thwart the neo-Bolsheviks…
Basically this will be a payment processor but one that doesn’t get led around on a leash by the ADL. This is great news but I expect to see an enormous amount of pushback from the rest of the financial sector. It won’t be easy but it will be very important in the coming months and years.
Torba can be a little over the top at times but he is doing more for dissent than Trump did in four years in the Oval Office and more than almost any Republican of prominence in my lifetime.


  1. Anonymous

    The ADL has been going after people and groups over 'hate speech' and 'hate symbols' that have nothing to do with antisemitism. They are pretty much the same as the splc these days in that they are anti-free speech and mouth pieces for the far left.


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