Friday, August 27, 2021

Meanwhile... the middle of a disaster, Army leadership is laser focused on....diversity.

Not to contradict the Sergeant Major of the Army but our military was actually about a million times more lethal when they were almost exclusively White men.

Effing clown world.


  1. I served between the end of Vietnam and the Iran hostage crisis, (got out about a month or so before it happened.)

    Women do have a place in the military and have had for at least a century, as nurses and rear echelon types. In WWII, women were used to ferry aircraft from the states over to England. We were able to keep our combat pilots in the war zone instead of wasting their expertise on ferrying aircraft back and forth.

    We had a woman operator at our German remote radar site when I was there, but as we did radar bomb scoring, we were considered rear echelon types.

    During Vietnam, we did Sky spot, which was radar guided bomb runs, using a narrow beam width radar to keep the aircraft on a predetermined track at altitude, using ballistic tables for the ordinance being dropped on target. ( Even in the 60's and 70's, this radar unit, built in the late 50's, was accurate to within 10 feet at two hundred miles.) I wrote a post about it on my blog several years ago.

  2. The Army has just become another part of Consooomer culture. Fighting and winning wars?

    What's that?

    1. The more decent soldiers get out, the fewer actual fighting men they will have left to turn on us. A 110 pound lesbian who has never shot a gun is less of a threat than a guy who grew up hunting in Iowa.