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Maybe Just Pay Your Rent?

The CDC apparently just once again tore up the rental agreements of untold numbers of renters who now get to squat in their rental units for another two months.

“Targeted” in this case means 90% of all Americans are in the areas covered by the eviction ban.
As President Biden hinted at during his Tuesday afternoon news conference, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drafted a new eviction moratorium aimed at protecting tenants in counties with “substantial and high levels of community transmission” of COVID-19. Over 90% of the U.S. population lives in the affected areas, sources told The Associated Press.
That is quite the target. How exactly does the CDC, a disease prevention department of the Federal government, have the authority to just arbitrarily interfere with the rental agreements of millions of tenants and landlords? Simple, if people are evicted for not paying their rent, they might “congregate” which would increase the spread of the virus….
“The emergence of the delta variant has led to a rapid acceleration of community transmission in the United States, putting more Americans at increased risk, especially if they are unvaccinated,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. “This moratorium is the right thing to do to keep people in their homes and out of congregate settings where COVID-19 spreads. It is imperative that public health authorities act quickly to mitigate such an increase of evictions, which could increase the likelihood of new spikes in SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Such mass evictions and the attendant public health consequences would be very difficult to reverse.”
Only a member of a particular tribe could come up with something like that.
Many landlords carry a mortgage or loan on the property they rent. They are also required to keep paying property taxes and providing maintenance. Those expenses don’t stop just because people stopped paying their rent. Sure, some landlords own lots of properties and have a huge income but lots of them are also people who bought a rental property to supplement their income or have a family home they don’t want to sell that they rent out.
With most areas experiencing an enormous shortage of workers, rapidly rising wages and lots of free government money, they are few cases where people just can’t afford to pay their rent. This eviction moratorium is just providing legal cover for people who don’t feel like paying their rent and it has the hallmarks of becoming a permanent entitlement, which will drive landlords to sell out in desperation to large groups like BlackRock. Then watch the moratorium magically expire….


  1. Chris

    Who didn’t see that coming?
    I mean, common.

    And the recent Cali Gun decision.
    I Sounds good.
    It isn’t even born yet and it’s dead.
    Mark my words.

    Folks jus ain’t gittin it.

  2. Anonymous

    well, they want the middle class dead. and anyone who tries to get ahead in life dead. or dead broke.
    the fuckers spend most of their time figuring out ways tock us over. that should be clear to damn near
    everyone by now. hell, last year with the big box stores open and little guys forced to close knowing
    they going to go under should told you that. peaceful protests are okay but school is not ?
    and they going to want to shove that shit down our throats again this fall, wait and see if they don't try. the thing is are we going to let them or stand up like they doing across the sea ?
    assholes will do whatever they want until we stand up and say no more to them.
    there a reason why the country is dumbed down, they want us stupid to go along with this shit.
    50 years ago if they tried this shit, they would have bein dragged out and hung at the nearest tree.
    or lamppost . they don't want citizens, they want serfs to do as they told.

  3. Anonymous

    We luckily sold our rental property before this stupidity started, but i know people in serious financial trouble because their renters are not paying. Its worse here in that water utilities have to be in the name of the property owner, so the landlord is getting no rent but still stuck paying water/sewer and legally can not shut it off.


  4. Mike Guenther

    What's funny, not ha ha funny, but funny queer, is that before these people were recently unemployed, they managed to pay their rent. How does it figure that with unemployment insurance plus the federal pandemic stipend, which equaled more than their "employed salary", now they can't afford the rent?

    Instead of keeping up with the rent, they bought new flat screen tvs, the latest video games for the kids or sprung for a new car.

    It just doesn't make sense. And when the moratorium is finally dropped, how are the landlords supposed to recoup their losses? I bet the fed won't pony up for it, nor should they because that means taxpayers are footing the bill…again.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes it is, but your dems are trying to catch up to us. I hope in the end that we both end up with stronger nations with more checks against these abuses.



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