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Getting Closer To Lockdown

Corporate America is scrambling to get in line on the new lockdown and mask mandate thing. 
While it only applies to employees for now, you can see it coming for customers as well…

Walmart is also encouraging customers to wear masks in stores located in areas with surging cases and will be adding back signs at the entrances. It will also bring back so-called health ambassadors who will be stationed at the entrances and hand out masks.
The mask Stasi will be back. It won’t be long before Wal-Mart and the rest of the major grocers will require masks again which means once again I will rarely if ever go to the big stores. Time to make a big run to get canned and less perishable food items, and then rely on the local dollar store which isn’t really strict about the masks for things like milk.
You will be squeezed on every side. No mask, no milk. No vaccine, no airline (and soon interstate road) travel. No vaccine, you can’t work here.
Your choices are either-or. Either you find ways to sidestep this crap now before it gets mandated or you grab your ankles and comply to get along. Just know that once you comply once, they will keep making you comply with ever more dangerous/ridiculous rules just because they can. Humiliation is a major driving force for these people.
If you have a job where it is likely you will be required to be “vaccinated” to continue employment, you need to either plan on getting jabbed or finding a new job. Should you wait until it happens or figure it out now? That seems obvious. 
The thing about a lull is that by definition they are temporary and the good times are screeching to a halt right quick. Don’t be crying in a few months when you are out of toilet paper and getting an experimental gene therapy jabbed in your arm because you failed to make the proper preparations now.


  1. Anonymous

    The Alberta government just announced that covid-19 is a seasonal flu and that starting sep 1st there will be no quarentining for people who get it.


  2. Arthur Sido

    Manitoba, Alberta and Saskachewan need to break off and join with the U.S. plains states through Alaska and form a new country. We have a lot more in common with them than we do with people in New York or San Francisco.

  3. Anonymous

    The thing with totalitarianism, much like that storm in the meme, is that it is a (relatively) slow aggregation – and subsequent interaction, of seemingly disparate events and conditions.

    The hurricane does not simply appear on radar one morning. There are global factors; jet stream, ocean temps, ocean currents, and dynamic pressure differentials that produce their own set of conditions.

    The key here is that all of these things are measurable and even observable even to those without sciencey instruments and training. Even absent all of that, we know from history, that there are a set of conditions that make certain types of storms possible, even probable.

    Yet here we are. Tomorrow men. So fixated on not running afoul of our greatest strength (I ain't no raciss!) and thus the infinite sins of history must be purged by the forever growth of Our Economy, which is to say Who We Are, that a thousand years of wisdom has evaporated in 50 years.

    And so we retreat to the virtual sweatlodge to rub sage and throw stones to predict the weather as if we have no possible idea how this storm as set upon our land – and now, in this little reprieve granted by our betters to clear a bit more migratory finance, we have this feeling that the blue sky is indeed transitory.

    The worst of it being that "we" being hated dissidents of the Great Progression, are eons ahead of the masses who haven't even noticed that they have no ability to even notice.

    For a friend who is facing the jab or losing his company to a board takeover, the price seems suddenly very high indeed. It makes me unpopular as an emotional support animal to tell him that the price only seems high now because he sold out long ago for cheap. You don't wake up one morning with a Hillary Clinton loving globalist former Goldman Sachs partner as your board chairman.

    Anyhow, like the reaper himself, the price discovery of totalitarianism visits all of us. The hardest part of that is accepting that for most of us that visit came long ago and now we are just negotiating with ourselves while the tempest laughs.

    Like so many elephants afraid of that little rope around its ankle, the bondage is of the mind. Which of course is the entire point of totalitarianism.

    Thanks AS. – Screwtape

  4. Anonymous

    Kid you not. I have an in-law in Seattle that actually said this out loud. "I got my son vaccinated so people wouldn't think I was Republican". There is a virus out there far worse than corona and I don't think there is a cure. They will send their own kids to the grave for the hive. Just imagine what they will do to you when the time comes.

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