Sunday, August 29, 2021

Generational Politics

The Zman did one of his "mailbag" podcasts where he picks out some emails he gets with questions and responds to them, they seem to be a less time prep intensive format but often are very good. I got about half way through last Friday's episode but one section really caught my eye/ear.

The relevant portion starts at around the 10:30 mark.

"Generational politics is intended as another way for White people to fight each other"

That is the key. The squabbles and blame-game over generational politics are simply one more way to divide and distract White people from what is actually going on. There are lots of examples:

- Religion: organized religion has been the source of much of the warfare among people of European descent for centuries. I don't care what, if any religion, you practice but don't try to kill your fellow Whites if they decline to follow your religious flavor.

- Class: Apart from the ultra-wealthy, it doesn't really matter to me how much another White person makes. Lots of White people make more than me and even more make less. I do what I do for a reason and that means I make less than I could in order to have the freedom I enjoy. 

- Regional: I have little tolerance for the Southern Whites who still screech about carpetbaggers and other nonsense from 150 years ago. The guy in Alabama or Tennessee who cares about his people has far more in common with a White Northerner in Michigan or Maine than he does with some woke corporate mouthpiece in Atlanta.

On and on. We are in this together so stop letting them find new ways to set each other at one another's throat. M'kay?


  1. Regional - sometimes regional differences mater. I've net some very nice maritimers who I consider friends.... i've also worked with a bunch who embodied everyone of the negative stereotypes, which includes being far far left and in one case making a list of 'conservatives' for handing to someone.

    Religion - there are a few religions which i consider fundementally opposed to the idea of basic freedoms. I would never trust someone who practiced either of them, don't wish them ill but have no interest in dealing with them.

    Age/sex/incone - don't care were you ate in these categories. Have friends across the spectrum.

    Education - recently i find myself suppicious of people with certain degrees / educational backgrounds. Until he recently was killed by a idiot driver I had a good buddy who was a HS drop out, hardest worker i know. I have friends with phd's. I'm seeing certain degrees more and more turning out people hostile to me and my life.


    1. It really is anything and everything that can be used as a wedge issue.

  2. Boomer hate is a very real thing, and something that I and my cohort are very aware of. One thing that I will agree with the haters about is that we, the boomers, were the worst parents in the history of parenting. At least until Gen X spawned. We wanted to be the "cool parents" and were more BFF with our kids than legitimate authorities.

    I admit it. We indulged our children. Badly. Whereas my wife and I hustled our arses off, progressing from post-hippie kids living together, unmarried, in a filthy boarding house circa 1982, to comfortable millionaires over the span of just 15 years, our children are still struggling to "find" themselves in their mid-30s, as the gray hairs sprout.

    I am genuinely sorry that the world deteriorated as much as it has since we were young. Yes, we were blessed to come of age at the best possible time in the history of mankind. I don't know what we can possibly do in penance for having enjoyed the unprecedented blessings of our age. But don't blame all of us for the dipshit in the White House today, or for every bump on the road since Woodstock. We didn't ask for 2021's horrors.

    1. The truth of it is that there are terrible Boomers and great Boomers, just as there are lots of very solid Gen Xers in my generation but a lot of terrible ones too. When you see Mask Karens, often they seem to be women of my age range. Painting with a broad brush within our own people is a shitty way to do things when we are under attack from every side.

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  4. (Dang auto correct)


    Sorry, but it will never happen.

    I've seen this played out over the years.

    Happen on the old militia websites that are long gone now.

    Regional- Too matter Southerners won't let it go. They are the ONLY ones with a culture in the US. Every one else is a damn Yankee.

    Class- That one only matters when some "expert" is saying you a Daniels Defense AR instead of a S&W MP15, And only a loser doesn't have Tier on body armor and NVGs.

    And the one that will divide us all- Religion.

    Time & time again, I have seen on so many forum's on how the real enemy isn't us of the many Christian faiths, but the left.

    First, it like: YEAH! Unite against the evil forces! Handshakes all around, people promising to unite,corks are popped and then...

    The Special Protestant Brigade shows up.

    Christmas is PAGAN AND EASTER TOO!

    The Sabbath is Saturday!

    THE KJV is the only true Bible!

    Catholics are idol worshipers, pagan, treat Mary like she's God, blah, blah.blah.
    (Notice how no one says this of the Orthodox or Anglicans?)

    Jews are Gods Chosen people and we must follow their ways! (except we believe in Christ)

    Believe me, I wish it wasn't that way. But it is.

    I have to watch not only the enemy, but the guy behind me muttering about pagans at my back.

    (Like any of them even know what real idol worshiping or paganism is.)

    1. Religion really is the worst, and I run into it all the time. I am neither Catholic nor Protestant but what and where you choose to spend your Sunday is fine with me but many people can't let it go. I admit to spending way too much time years ago squabbling with people online over religion and it was an enormous waste of time and counter-productive.

  5. All the religions have good people and bad people and they have done good and bad things.

    islam is not a religion - it is a death cult and it is 100% evil.

    Live accordingly.