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Color Me Shocked

Could knock me over with a feather, etc. Reader Exile1981 pointed out that there has been intense lobbying by at least one manufacturer of devices that lockdown cars if the driver is impaired, a company called Intoxalock.

The relevant section….
Intoxalock, a company that manufactures vehicle breathalyzers, has also spent heavily on lobbying in the past five years. It has spent more than $900,000 on lobbyists since 2017, according to the Center For Responsive Politics, including $40,000 to Crossroads Strategies in 2021. The firm boasts many employees who have worked in the federal government, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Jason Gleason, executive vice president of Crossroads Strategies and one of the firm’s numerous lobbyists working with Intoxalock, previously served as chief of staff for Rep. John Sarbanes (D., Md.) from 2009 to 2018. Gleason also served on the staff of former senator Paul Sarbanes (D., Md.) from 2001 until 2007.

Neither Intoxalock nor the lobbying firms returned requests for comment.
Huh, it almost seems like this whole thing is about lining the pockets of a political donor and nothing to do with “safety”…


  1. Anonymous

    It never had anything to do with safety. It always about ways to steal money for themselves.
    how else does a clown making 174 grand a year end up with millions ? those dumb fucks do not even read the laws they pass let alone write any. from what I have seen it is the lobby clowns that write the laws and get the other clowns to pass them. 99% of the clowns in dc are crooks plain and simple.
    there is not one of them that is clean in the sense of truman was.

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