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Based Robert Howard

Robert E. Howard was an author in the early part of the 20th century, a friend and contemporary of H.P Lovecraft. He suffered from mental illness and took his own life in 1936 at the age of 30 but before his untimely death he left a ton of writing, most famously works featuring his character called Conan.  I recently read some collections of stories following another of his characters, Solomon Kane, a crusading Puritan. He doesn’t possess much of a back story or a real motivation, he simply wanders the globe finding and then killing evil-doers.

One passage in particular grabbed my attention….

Kane stood, an unconscious statue of triumph – the ancient empires fall, the dark-skinned peoples fade and even the demons of antiquity gasp their last, but over all stands the Aryan barbarian, white-skinned, cold-eyed, dominant, the supreme fighting man of the earth, whether he be clad in wolf-hide and horned helmet, or boots and doublet – whether he bear in his hand battle-ax or rapier – whether he be called Dorian, Saxon or Englishman – whether his name be Jason, Hengist or Solomon Kane.

Howard, Robert E.. The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane (p. 320). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

We often forget that White men have been “the supreme fighting man of the earth” for thousands of years. At one time White men conquered virtually all of the globe, subjugating people from China to India to Africa to South America. We were especially good at killing each other, combining our natural affinity for warfare with our superior intellectual capacity and creativity. Notice that basically every modern military for over a century has used the firearms made by or copied from those made by Europeans. We are just good at it. Of course we were also the very best at things like exploration and invention, the arts and civilization. 

What is more important to my point is that this was how the ancestors of young White boys were portrayed in earlier ages: warriors, conquerors and explorers. There was a decided lack of shame and guilt for the prowess of White men in exploring and conquering the globe and those White boys read about heroic White characters, fictional and non, who embodied the best of masculinity and humanity in general.

Our popular culture shapes and molds the children who absorb it. 

For most of our history, the stories told to children were designed to reinforce positive personal attributes: sacrifice, courage, wisdom, chivalry. As a young child and a voracious reader the stories I read celebrated adventure and bravery. The White men I read about were men I wanted to be like. This was reinforced in (most) TV shows and movies.

Young White boys today are largely soft and doughy, meek and timid. Fed a steady diet of electronic entertainment and high fructose corn syrup is bad enough but far more detrimental is the daily ration of White guilt and shame. It is not just new pop culture that is grotesque but also the retconning of literally every positive White franchise. The Critical Drinker has a number of videos about this, from his look at Alex Kurtzman (I’ll save you looking his early life up, yes he is) stomping the corpse of Star Trek to the replacing of cartoon hero He-Man with a new butch dyke Teela. I am not sure if he doesn’t quite get it or just isn’t willing to say it but this is all intentional and aimed at undermining our culture. 

Gone are the days of courageous White men who are swashbuckling adventurers. Han Solo and Indiana Jones are out, having been replaced by woke diverse strong women.

The stories we consume from books and film can create and reinforce who we are. If our stories are full of men of courage, conviction and character, then we will see them as men to emulate. But if those stories are full of men who are indecisive, weak or malicious, who wants to be like that?

If you have young children, especially young boys, make a concerted effort to obtain older books that portray their ancestors in an accurate and positive light and stay the hell away from modern books that only serve to slander the greatest explorers, conquerors and warriors the world has ever known.


  1. Anonymous

    Get on your local library board. Ours has oversite of the books purchased and hires the library staff. You can use that to ensure older books are not destroyed and ensure that books promoting mental illness are not the only options for small kids.


  2. Anonymous

    most "role models" today are a fucking joke. pro ball players who cry when a cramp hits?
    yea, real tough clowns. I don't know how or where this country gets the strong men who fight our wars
    but they come from somewhere, now they should be held up as role models although most of them would
    downplay whatever bit they did. still, their stories should be told.

  3. Anonymous

    It is White women who are primarily to blame for the feminized soying of White men, and it began well before the current era. Nearly all of my teachers through elementary and middle school were White women, and they actively engaged in suppressing the natural male spirit for their own benefit in the classroom. Society itself has politically and chemically castrated young White males in particular, who might otherwise have grown up to be today's leaders and heroes.

    It is these same White women who now look in disgust at their mating prospects, wondering where all the "real men" have gone. Well, honey, you and your sisters succeeded in beating the testosterone out of the last two generations of White males, so stop wondering. And remember what you've done when there are ferals at the gate who have NOT been beaten down and broken by the evil forces of feminism, eager to have their way with you.

  4. Arthur Sido

    Agreed on that, at least when I was in school while the majority of teachers were women the principals were all men so the teacher was in charge but the men were really in charge.

  5. Mike_C

    Arthur: look at Asha Logos on YT. Particularly the “Our subverted history” videos. I’m not saying I endorse those as historically correct. But they make for a good foundational mythos. And any folk need such a mythos to endure.

    AL also has some shorter current commentary that you might enjoy.

  6. Mike_C

    I don’t think white women are the root cause. Sure some of them contributed enthusiastically to create the mess were in, but they’re footsoldiers. The theorists and instigators, the real leaders, are mostly of the usual suspects.

    Our host has gone over The Frankfurt School — there’s academia and legal for you. We now know that if anything McCarthy and HUAC were UNDERplaying the problems. Hollywood: there’s popular culture. (And re Kurtzmann, and JJ Abrams, not destroying, but OVERWRITING beloved franchises, what more needs to be said? And of course they are.) More recently, the so-called Malibu Mafia.

    Our formerly trusted news media? Good thing they’re not overwhelmingly controlled by a small group with the same politics, eh? Second-wave feminism: Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug. Just a string of coincidences. All coincidence. To think otherwise is Hate Think.

    That infamous “immigrants welcome!” photo of the three young white Euro girls? They’re not to blame. The people who hate us weaponized their natural empathy against them, and against our society.

    To destroy a People, your destroy their women. Second-wave feminism, normalization of single motherhood, STRONG encouragement of miscegenation, ubiquitous pornography (and who makes that?). These are all weapons of the people who truly hate you and seek your destruction.

    Don’t see white women, who should your partners and allies, as the enemy. That’s classic divide and conquer by those who hate you. Look to root causes.

  7. John Wilder

    I remember reading Conan the Buccaneer (I think) and reading how Conan ran for hours upon hours. I was in seventh grade, and then just went out and ran six miles. *Not* on flat ground. I did that for months. Dang, that was inspirational.

  8. John Wilder

    For me, it made me think that I was getting old. I thought the magic of reading was gone. Then, presto, I picked up some of the books I read when I was a kid.

    The magic was still there.

    Leftists have killed literature.

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