Friday, August 13, 2021

What Is Right Has Nothing To Do With It

Another happy day in our vibrant and diverse new "America".

There is an applicable saying about relaxing in certain demographic situations....

You have two choices if you want to avoid getting sucker punched and ending up on the ground knocked out.

1. You do the smart thing and stay away from cities and especially when there are more than zero members of the diverse population present.

2. You have your head on a swivel, never relax and be prepared to defend yourself at any moment.

That is about it. Trying to be meek and non-threatening just encourages predatory behavior. 

The warning signs you are about to get clocked are pretty clear. 

- You are outnumbered. They don't like fair fights.

- You are outmatched due to size, age or gender. They love to beat on smaller or older people.

- You aren't paying attention. Getting distracted and thinking you live in a civilized society will get you in trouble.

If you don't look like prey, they are less likely to see you as prey. 

Is it right that we have to endlessly be on guard or completely avoid the very cities that our ancestors built and made the envy of the world? Of course not but we no longer live in a world where we can argue about what right or wrong. It is just about survival at this stage of the devolution of Western civilization.

Ol' Remus was right, stay away from crowds and if you can't, then you better be on guard because relaxing for a minute can lead to being the next video of a sucker punched dude on social media.


  1. And the black policeman just stands there.

    1. Of course he did Fred, he's wearing the same tribal uniform as the others.


  2. Effin Ns. Sucker punch. No Ns helped him. N cops didnt do a thing.

  3. Their culture is broken beyond repair. There are millions and millions and millions like the woman recording that shitshow. She took genuine pleasure, although perverse and borderline demonic, in being witness to that scene. You can hear it in her laugh.

    But you are correct. They should have known better. That is the risk you take going in amongst them.